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The Vision

Lawyers are trusted by society to be dedicated to their clients with a clear sense that their profession is a vocation of the highest honour. They are leaders in their communities.

TWU submitted a proposal to establish a School of Law to the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education and the Federation of Law Societies of Canada in June 2012. The proposal is to establish a J.D. program for 60 students per year in a three year program starting in September 2016.

The School of Law at TWU will:

  1. Infuse leadership and character development into its very core as a school. Students will be encouraged to see the profession of law as a high calling in the life of service.
  2. Provide a place where the great questions of meaning, values and ethics are confronted, debated and pondered, and the broad and diverse communities of Canada are served through a richer understanding of the law.
  3. Develop servant leaders who believe in and demonstrate a different concept of professionalism than the current marketplace promotes. Our students will be encouraged to volunteer with local, national and global NGO’s that serve the under-developed nations and the vulnerable.
  4. Build core competencies that are the bedrock of the legal profession. Beyond the academic and theoretical principles, the curriculum will integrate real-world practice skills, ethics, client relations, negotiation and advocacy.
  5. Support scholarly research that will renew the foundational principles of jurisprudence, small business law, and charities law, as well as religious rights and freedoms in the Canadian and international context.


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