The Department of Biology at Trinity Western University prepares students to make an impact in modern society through cutting edges of development and research in biotechnology, the health sciences, ecology, and environmental stewardship. Biology faculty and staff seek to equip students for their future academic life by not only increasing a person’s knowledge base but also by helping them develop strong critical-thinking skills, first-rate practical skills, and thoughtful Christian values.

TWU Biology Student

TWU Biology Program

The biology program at TWU incorporates both theoretical and practical learning. In lectures, students gain knowledge from professors who are highly skilled and involved in their areas of research. Small class sizes allow students to directly interact with professors and benefit from their expertise. Laboratory courses supplement the knowledge gained in lectures and provide students the opportunity to interact with the materials and learn skills that are valuable for future occupational endeavors.

At Trinity Western University students are encouraged to approach biology as an integrative science where biological issues are viewed in light of a thoughtful Christian perspective. Students are challenged to develop their own answers to many of the ethical issues facing society.

Program Overview