Darcy Kehler, B.Sc.

Biology Lab Manager


Trinity Western University
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1

Ph:(604)888-7511 ext. 3249




I grew up in Hope, BC, but understand what a real winter is like from 3 years in Caronport (High School & Briercrest BBC). I graduated from TWU with a BSc degree in 1995. I love the outdoors, dabble in gardening & keeping poultry. I am interested in freshwater & marine algae, photography, microscopy, botany (especially ferns, mosses, lichens). I also find that the smaller & the more obscure an invertebrate is, the more interested I am in it. I would love to SCUBA dive more frequently.

I teach or assist in labs for first year biology, ecology (marine, tropical & applied) plus various botany & zoology courses. Each summer I assist in Travel Studies labs: Plant Ecology and Marine Ecology on Crows Nest, the University's property located on Salt Spring Island; and, Coral Reef Ecology and Tropical Botany on Maui, Hawaii.

Together with Kim, I do all the behind-the-scenes things that are required to keep a busy suite of labs and their associated equipment functioning: I coordinate the Biology budget; take care of general ordering as well as major equipment acquisitions; aide students in their projects; and maintain the aquarium. We coordinate a variety of employment programs as well - Workstudy during the semesters, and Summer Career Program during the summer months.