Ka Yin Leung, Ph.D.

Graduate Students Supervised

Graduate students: 7 M. Sc., 8 Ph. D.

1.  Wang, Xianhui, M. Sc., main supervisor (1997 to 1999), "Interaction between Vibrio species and fish epithelial cells". 

2.  Ho, Grace Wei Peng, M. Sc., co-supervisor (1996 to 2000), "Identification and characterization of Vibrio species and immune responses of blue gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus) against Vibrio anguillarum". 

3.  Ling, Sharon Hee Ming, M. Sc., main supervisor (1997 to 2000), "Use of green fluorescent protein (GFP) to study the invasion pathways of Edwardsiella tarda in the in vivo and in vitro fish models".

4.  Tan, Yuen Peng, M. Sc., main supervisor (1997 to 2000). "Identification and characterization of congo red and chondroitinase-deficient mutants of Edwardsiella tarda".

5.  Joseph, Mathew Antony, M. Sc. main supervisor (1998-2001), "Attenuation and fish vaccine potential of Edwardsiella tarda mutants that are defective in some virulence factors".

6.  Zhang, Yongliang, Ph. D., main supervisor (1997 to 2001), "Isolation and characterization of virulence genes/clusters in Aeromonas hydrophila".

7.  Srinivasa Rao P.S., Ph. D., main supervisor, (1998 to 2003), "A functional genomics approach to the identification and characterization of virulence genes involved in Edwardsiella tarda pathogenesis".

8.  Yao, Fei, M. Sc., main supervisor (2002 to 2004), "Identification and characterization of four potential virulence determinants of Aeromonas hydrophila".

9.   Tan, Yuen Peng, Ph. D.,main supervisor (2000 to 2005), "Study of Edwardsiella tarda virulence factors using genomics and proteomics approaches".

10.  Li, Mo, Ph. D., co-supervisor (2001 to 2006), "Screening of transposon mutants and use of proteomics approaches to study virulence factorsof enteropathogenic and enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EPEC and EHEC)".

11. Yu, Hong Bing, Ph. D., main supervisor (2002 to 2006), "Characterization of a type III secretion system and other virulence-associated genes in Aeromonas hydrophila".

12. Zheng, Jun, Ph. D., main supervisor (2002 to 2006), "Characterization of a type VI secretion system in Edwardsiella tarda".

13. Zhou, Wen-Guang, Ph. D., co-supervisor (2005 to 2007), from Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) University, Guangzhou, P. R. China.

14. Peng, Bo, M. Sc. student, main supervisor (2005 to 2007), "Characterization of plasma myosin heavy chain in zebrafish as an important factor for OmpA-mediated anti-phagocytic function".

15. Smarajit Chakraborty, Ph. D., co-supervisor (2006 to present).