Eve Stringham, Ph.D.

Lab Personnel

kris schmidt
Kris Schmidt
Ph.D. Graduate Student
Kristopher Schmidt graduated with a B.Sc. from TWU in 2001 and completed an M.Sc. from UBC in 2005. He is pleased to be doing a Ph.D under the direction of Dr.Eve Stringham where he is characterizing the role of UNC-53 interacting proteins in neuronal migration and synaptic vesicle trafficking in C.elegans using a combination of genetic, biochemical and cell biological approaches.
Nancy Marcus
Nancy Marcus
Ph.D. Graduate Student
Nancy Marcus completed her B.Sc. at TWU in 2004, and went on to pursue an M.Sc. at SFU. She has recently transferred to the Doctoral program after completing her first year of research under Dr. Eve Stringham. She is studying the unc-53 gene, which is required for the guidance and extension of the mechanosensory neurons, the excretory canals and the sex muscles, and by RNA interference and genetics she is investigating putative interactors of UNC-53 in longitudinal cell migration in C.elegans.





Kimberly Klassen
M.Sc. Graduate Student

Kimberly Klassen graduated from TWU in 2006 with a B.Sc. (Hons) and is currently in the M.Sc. program at SFU. Her research is under the joint supervision of Dr. Eve Stringham and Dr. Dennis Venema and involves studying the structure and function of the gene chico, which is an insulin receptor substrate in the insulin signaling pathway in Drosophila melanogaster.
Laura Ramsay 2008 copyLaura Ramsay, B.Sc.
Research Assistant
Erin Kreiter 250pi
Erin Kreiter
Undergraduate Student