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Dr. Jack Van Dyke Chemistry Research Laboratory

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Dr. Jack Van Dyke

John D. (Jack) Van Dyke Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Van Dyke began his Trinity Western career in 1976, when he served as Associate Professor of Chemistry and head of the chemistry department, while the fledgling institution was still a college. In the early 1980s, he was instrumental in moving TWU to a four-year, degree-granting institution, and—along with Dr. Frank Eshelman—he established the curriculum for the chemistry major.

A gifted organic chemistry teacher, Dr. Van Dyke has defined the spirit of TWU and FNAS. As former Chair of the Natural Science Division and then Dean of Natural and Applied Sciences, he spent countless hours counseling chemistry, biology, and pre-medical students, and was integral in the start of TWU’s renowned nursing program. Dr. Van Dyke will continue his research—and his legacy—in the Dr. Jack Van Dyke Chemistry Research Laboratory.

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Chemistry Lab

Many chemistry students have done research in the Neufeld Science Centre labs under the mentorship and guidance of Dr. Jack Van Dyke. The recent $3.9 million expansion of the building has facilitated new chemistry lab space—space that will allow even greater research capabilities for students and faculty.

Environmental stewardship has always been one of Dr. Van Dyke’s great passions, and that theme is an important focus of the chemistry department research. Among the current chemistry faculty research projects that will flourish in the new facility are:

  1. Fluorous Biphase Catalysis: In the burgeoning “Green Chemistry” research area, Dr. Chad Friesen and Dr. Craig Montgomery are devising new catalysts that are more easily recoverable and, therefore, minimize waste.
  2. Plant Chemical Ecology: Dr. Paul Brown is focusing on the development of natural pesticides for use in environmentally sustainable agriculture systems.
  3. Polymer Blends: Emeritus Professor of Chemistry Dr. Van Dyke continues to work with Dr. Friesen in devising new polymer materials whose potential applications may include usage in the clean-up of toxic spills.

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You Can Help

In order for this important work to continue, we need to raise $300,000 to complete the research lab. Our goal is to honour Dr. Van Dyke’s outstanding contributions to Trinity Western University by naming the new chemistry lab the Dr. Jack Van Dyke Chemistry Research Laboratory.

We’re asking Dr. Van Dyke’s friends and former students to join with us in this naming opportunity, which will allow his legacy to pass on to future students through this lab.

You can help us honour Dr. Van Dyke by supporting the Dr. Jack Van Dyke Chemistry Research Laboratory campaign. A recognition plaque indicating those who donate to this project will be placed near the entrance to the laboratory, and your name can be included, with your permission.

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