Why Study Computing Science At TWU?


Much of today's world is dependent on computing systems and technology. From small business to multi-national corporations, from home to government, we rely heavily on the computing professionals. The field continues to grow and change, and offers exciting opportunity to shape society. With Trinity Western's liberal arts and sciences education, you can approach Computing Science with a larger appreciation for other disciplines and their relation to your field of study.

Challenging academic study in Computing Science develops your ability to think clearly and logically. In the course of your Computing Science program, you develop skills needed for software engineering. By becoming proficient in many different computer languages, such as Modula-2, C, C++, Java and Prolog, you increase your skills as a computing specialist and broaden your career opportunities. As well, hands-on experience with MacOS, UNIX and Windows XP platforms provides you with a solid knowledge base in computing technology.

TWU offers a B.Sc. in Computing Science, a B.Sc. in Mathematics with Computing Science, as well as a concentration and minor in Computing Science. See the program checklists to review the course requirements.

TWU re-opens B.Sc. in Computing Science

On 8 March 2016, TWU resumed intake into the B.Sc. in Computing Science. The major requirements are as follows: CMPT 140, 166, 480, plus 33 more semester hours of CMPT courses (of which at least 21 must be upper level, i.e. CMPT 300+); ancillaries: MATH 123, 124. (This information will appear in the program checklists as soon as possible.)