1 December 2015: TWU is recruiting a full-time tenure-track faculty member. See this notice for details.

3 April 2014: Dr. Sam Pimentel has been awarded an NSERC Discovery Grant, with a duration of five years, for his work on “Developing data assimilation methods for Glaciology.” Dr. Pimentel will involve both undergraduate and graduate students in his research; if you're interested, contact him!

18 August 2015: For the Fall 2015 semester, we welcome Joyce Kwan, teaching two sections of MATH 101, and Simon Tse, teaching MATH 323 and the remaining MATH 101 section. [Update 1 December 2015: Joyce Kwan will teach MATH 101 & 250 in Spring 2016]

Simon Tse

Simon Tse is a young researcher of applied mathematics, with interest in spontaneous pattern formation mediated through diffusion processes. He loves soccer and computer, but is recently deprived of both, and also sleep. His most recent musings center around the Father and the Son. He enjoys being a son and a father (of two, Stephanie and Paul), and is thrilled to leave UBC soon (where he is completing his Ph.D.), to cross the Fraser river, and to join the community at TWU.

Joyce Kwan

Joyce Kwan is a mathematician and became an instructor for business mathematics and statistics in recent years. She is also a qualified secondary school teacher and has taught mathematics at all grades in British Columbia, Ontario, and in the United Kingdom. Joyce has been an environmental scientist and software engineer in the private sector. Associated with a research group at York University in Ontario, her research focuses on boundary layer meteorology. Her research work in the past included developing mathematical computer models for solving environmental issues, such as investigating and estimating greenhouse gases emissions from lake surfaces in the Hudson Bay area in Canada and other lakes and ponds in the United Kingdom.