Physicists explore matter, energy, and their interactions. Learn the deeper principles involved in events from the everyday (driving a car, accessing the internet, playing a CD) to the exotic (quark jets, black holes, and chaos).

You can investigate the world of physics at Trinity Western University. Through your studies, you’ll witness the covenantally faithful ways God governs the physical aspect of creation, and be forced into acceleration, shocked by electricity and magnetism, have your mind bent by relativity and quantum mechanics, and many other facets of physics. A physics minor or concentration, combined with studies in another discipline, will allow you to explore the simplicity and complexity of the amazing universe.

Why Study Physics at Trinity Western?

  • We have a great faculty/student ratio! Upper-level classes are routinely small.
  • We have new hand-held computers which interface with lab equipment.
  • Develop an understanding of our Christian responsibility for energy stewardship.
  • Acquire tools to help oppose the growing reductionism of our time, which claims that humans are "simply atoms and molecules".
  • Opportunities for research at TWU and at other Canadian universities and American universities.


The key skill of a physics graduate is being able to solve problems, not just in physics, but in any area.  Graduates who know physics discover careers in alternative fuels, engineering (mechanical, civil, electrical, computer), hydroelectric and nuclear energy, electronics, education, research & development.  Visit or for more information.

Download a PDF colour trifold brochure here.