In addition to the introductory calculus-based physics sequence, our advanced courses cover a broad spectrum of physics. You can take Conceptual Modern Physics, Electricity & Magnetism, Mechanics, Optics, Digital Electronics and Instrumentation, Topics in Modern Physics, Mathematical Methods of Physics, and Physical Chemistry.  And you can do a directed study in any area of physics which interests you.

  • Phys 111: Fundamentals of Physics I (Lab)
  • Phys 112: Fundamentals of Physics II (Lab)
  • Phys 210: Conceptual Modern Physics
  • Phys 215: Stellar and Galactic Astronomy
  • Phys 220: Mechanics
  • Phys 230: Electricity and Magnetism (Lab)
  • Phys/Chem 240: Physical Chemistry (Lab)
  • Phys 310: Topics in Modern Physics
  • Phys/Cmpt 320: Digital Electronics and Instrumentation (Lab)
  • Phys/Math 321: Differential Equations (4 sem. hr.)
  • Phys/Chem 341: Advanced Physical Chemistry (Lab)
  • Phys 360: Optics (Lab)
  • Phys 400: Directed Study, for example:
    • atmospheric physics
    • general relativity
    • particle physics
    • galactic astrophysics
    • physics of music
    • acoustics
    • nuclear physics
    • statistical mechanics

More information about some of these courses is available at Dr. Sikkema's "courses" page.