Acquire practical skills and theoretical training in a globally recognized, faith-based program that will equip you to teach in Canada or internationally.


Acquire practical skills and theoretical training in a globally recognized, faith-based program that will equip you to teach in Canada or internationally.

Program Description

TWU’s TESOL Program is a comprehensive university accredited program that provides a
solid foundation for teaching English in our multilingual, multicultural world.

The program includes the following four core components:

  • principles of teaching language
  • knowledge of the English language 
  • cross-cultural communications  
  • experience in the ESOL classroom

Why take TESOL?

Educators with TESOL training are very marketable, especially in a multilingual, multicultural
environment as diverse as Canada. Training in TESOL is also valuable for overseas teaching
and an excellent preparation for missions and cross-cultural work.

The TWU TESOL program is designed for

  • Post-degree students who have completed a bachelor's degree and would like to add a TESOL certificate
  • Pre-degree students who may or may not wish to apply the credits toward a bachelor's degree
  • Current students wishing to pursue a TESOL emphasis in their undergraduate
    program at TWU or in partnering institutions
  • Current teachers in the public or private education field who wish to add a TESOL specialization
  • International students or teachers who have met the language requirements

Three certificate options to choose from

  1. TESOL Certificate (full) 26 credits
    Acquire a thorough understanding of English language teaching for today's world.  This certificate qualifies you for TESL Canada Standard II.
  2. Certificate in Fundamentals of English Language Teaching (short) 10 credits
    Obtain a foundation in teaching English locally or abroad.
  3. Certificate in TESOL Tutoring (short) 10 credits
    Discover how tutoring can be used for work or ministry.

Take one course per semester, complete a short certificate in one semester, or finish the full certificate in just one year.  All courses are offered in the evenings or on weekends.

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TESL Canada  TESL Logo

This teacher training program is recognized by TESL Canada.  Individuals with a bachelor’s
degree who complete the TWU 26-credit TESOL Certificate qualify for TESL Canada Standard
2 (Interim). It is the student’s responsibility to apply for this further accreditation.  TESL
Canada promotes advocacy for ESL learners, unifies teachers and learners by providing a
forum and network capabilities, supports the sharing of knowledge and experiences across
Canada, and represents diverse needs and interests in TESL nationally and internationally.  

International EDGE Student
Careers in TESOL

TESOL graduates have promising careers in a variety of areas of ESL / EFL teaching and in teacher training in TESL Certificate and MA TESOL programs.  Alumni are currently working in Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia,  France, Switzerland, The Philippines, Germany, Mexico, Uruguay, Canada, U.S.A., and Australia.

Faculty Profiles

Louise Green, MA

Part-time Instructor

Kay McAllister, MA

Assistant Professor and Director,TESOL Certificate Program

Sarah Jane Zuidhof, MA

Part-time Instructor