“Staples Advantage for TWU Family and Friends” Program

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does using Staples Advantage benefit TWU?

All purchases made through our ordering system (www.eway.ca) help Trinity Western by
helping contribute to our dollar volume targets which:
-  Achieve rebates that go towards the University’s bottom line
-  Provide sponsorships and support across campus
-  Saves resources (time, money, etc) by ordering online rather than taking the time to go
to a store, pay retail, mileage, time etc.

 What’s my price if I order through TWU?

-  On average, TWU receives a 60% discount off the Staples Advantage catalogue list
price. The University’s pricing is what others have the opportunity to benefit from as well.
-  There are further discounts on TWU’s contract and high volume items (“Core Items”)
that receive up to 80% discount off the Staple Advantage catalogue list price of which
TWU, you, and others have the opportunity to benefit from too.
-  NOTE: discounts do not apply to designated MARKET and FURNITURE PRICED items
in the catalogue. Please contact Account Manager, Gerry Picard (gerry.picard@cexp.ca)
for current pricing on these items

Who is TWU’s Friends and Family Program available to?

Staff, faculty, alums, churches, friends, family, affiliates. Please note, however, that there is an
approval process to help mitigate any potential risk to TWU. TWU also reserves the right to
discontinue or cancel offering our discount to particular users if it is determined it is being

If I make a TWU purchase at the Staples retail store, does that benefit TWU?

-  No. Only orders placed thru Staples Advantage (www.eway.ca) go towards helping TWU
lower their procurement costs and meet their objectives to qualify for additional savings.

How do I order online from Staples Advantage?

-  If you are a TWU Affiliate, TWU Alumni or TWU Family and Friend, you can access the
Staples Advantage web site @ www.eway.ca and complete the online request form.
-  Once your request is approved by TWU, you will be contacted by the Staples Advantage
Account Manager who will provide you with a User ID and Password
-  All personal orders placed by staff, affiliates, alumni, family and friends are CREDIT


What’s the difference between Staples (retail stores) and Staples Advantage?  

-  Both companies are part of the Staples family
-  Staples (the store) and www.staples.ca are part of the retail division
-  Staples Advantage (formerly Corporate Express Canada) and www.eway.ca are part of
the commercial business-to-business division  
-  Both companies operate as completely separate entities, meaning no shared inventory,
independent accounting systems, marketing, sales, etc.  

Can I get the special TWU discount from the Staples retail stores?

-  No. TWU’s agreement is STRICTLY with Staples Advantage (www.eway.ca)  
-  Both companies operate as completely separate entities, meaning no shared inventory,  
 independent accounting systems, marketing, sales, etc.  

Will Staples Advantage match the Staples retail pricing?

-  Staples Advantage welcomes the opportunity to match or beat the retail pricing.
-  Please send any pricing inquiries to the Staples Advantage Account Manager -

 Can I get all my supplies from Staples Advantage?

-  Yes. Staples Advantage is a single source supplier for: office supplies, computer and IT
supplies, print and copy services, facilities and cleaning supplies, promotional products,
Eco-products, office furniture and space planning.

What are TWU’s “Core Items”?

Items that the University purchases on a regular basis are placed in the “Core Items” to take
advantage of the greatest savings. These are the items with the highest discount (up to 80%).
You can find the core items list by going to www.eway.ca login in and in the “Search” box (left
hand side) use the drop down bar to select “Core Products”.

How has TWU’s Core Items been put together?

Because Staples Advantage is a new vendor to TWU, they do not have an accurate purchasing
history from us. Therefore, they have taken the most commonly purchased items that UBC and
SFU have purchased from Staples Advantage and placed them (as a start) in our “Core Items.”
This list will be reviewed and updated every 3 months to more accurately reflect TWU’s most
commonly purchased items.

How do I get a Staples Advantage catalogue?  

Catalogues are available by:
-  Contacting TWU’s Account Manager, Gerry Picard: gerry.picard@cexp.ca
-  Ordering one online at www.eway.ca
-  Contacting our Customer Care at vancouver.cecan@cexp.ca  
-  If you are a TWU staff member, contact Maureen Norton - TWU Facilities @ local 3516
or maureen.norton@twu.ca

For any special order requests,who do I contact if I can’t find an item in the catalogue or on the web site?

-  TWU’s Account Manager, Gerry Picard:gerry.picard@cexp.ca
-  Use the online SPECIAL ORDER icon @ www.eway.ca
-  Or Contact our Customer Care -  vancouver.cecan@cexp.ca

What about delivery and what does “50 GREEN” mean?

-  All internal TWU orders or staff purchases are delivered next day to the TWU Receiving
Dept and receive free shipping.
-  All external orders have a $50 minimum in order to avoid delivery charges and are
delivered next day at no charge to your office or home.
-  50 GREEN is an exciting program by SA that is designed to reduce the environmental
cost of ordering (www.fiftygreen.ca).
-  IMPORTANT: all home or personal office orders require a signature upon delivery so
please insure that someone is available to receive the order. Should this be a problem,
please discuss other options with our Staples Advantage Account Manager Gerry
Picard: gerry.picard@cexp.ca

What if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

If you’ve checked the catalogue and have looked online and still can’t find what you need,
please contact Gerry Picard (gerry.picard@cexp.ca) so he can source it for you.

Who do I contact if I have print or copy requirements?

Staples Advantage has the capabilities to be our one-stop shop printing shop. They are able to
do everything that includes, but is not limited to full colour: large photocopying jobs, banners,
posters, course packs, programs, coroplast signs, etc.
Please contact:  
Janice McDonald - Printing Manager
Phone 604-251-4343 ext 17068
Fax 604-251-2096
Email: janice.mcdonald@cexp.ca