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Library policy statements have been prepared for the protection of library users as well as of Alloway Library and its materials. The University Librarian reserves the right to make any necessary changes to policies. We welcome suggestions that can help to improve service to our users. Suggestions should be directed to the librarians staffing the Research Help Desk.
A Summary of Library Privileges 
Who? Item
Pay Fines Other
Current TWU/ESLI undergrads 30 Yes Eligible to borrow at other institutions with a COPPUL card  
Current TWU/ACTS Graduate students 60 Yes Eligible to borrow at other institutions with a COPPUL card  
Current TWU/ACTS
60 No Eligible to borrow at other institutions with a COPPUL card. 120-day loan for some items 120 day loan will be shortened when item is requested by another patron
Current TWU/ACTS staff 30 No Eligible to borrow at other institutions with a COPPUL card  
Current members of other post-secondary institutions 30 Yes In-library access to databases Only institutions with reciprocal borrowing agreements.
May not borrow videos
TWU/ACTS/NBTC Alumni 30 Yes In-library access to databases Card fee: $15
May not borrow videos
IMMERSE students 30 Yes In-library access to databases Card fee: $15
May not borrow videos
Members of the community and spouses of TWU employees 30 Yes In-library access to databases Community Card fee: $60
May not borrow videos
Who May Borrow?

Although Trinity Western University is a private institution, anyone may use our library resources on-site.
Borrowing privileges are extended to:

Current members of the TWU community. This includes TWU, ESLI, CanIL or ACTS employees and students with valid university ID cards. University ID cards are issued from the Campus Services Office with authorization from the Office of the Registrar, TWU Extension, ESLI, or the Human Resources office.

Members of Canadian post-secondary institutions. Alloway Library participates in reciprocal borrowing arrangements with other colleges and universities across Canada through the Canadian National Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement or other agreements. Eligible borrowers must show valid university ID from their “home” institution and other identification. Participating institutions are listed at


Members of the community, including TWU alumni may purchase a library card from Alloway Library to receive borrowing privileges for a year. Cards are issued to residents of the Lower Mainland and Whatcom County. Eligible members of the community receive a year’s privileges for $60. For TWU, ACTS or NBTC alumni with a Trinity Western Alumni Association card, the fee is $15 per year. Library fees are non-refundable.

The spouses of university employees are eligible for borrowing privileges as well, by applying to Alloway Library accompanied by their TWU spouse. There is no charge for the spouse of an employee.

Borrowing privileges may be revoked in cases where there are overdue materials, unpaid fines or other infringements of library policies.

Library Cards
  • A valid TWU ID Card / library card is required to check out material.
  • You are responsible for all material borrowed with your card.
  • Lost or stolen cards should be reported to library staff.
  • Cards are non-transferable.
  • Damaged or altered cards will not be accepted for checking out material.


  • Withdrawal from the university or termination of employment invalidates library privileges. The patron may reapply for privileges as an alumni or community borrower.
On-Line Account Access

Using the barcode number on the card and the link in Alloway Library’s catalogue at allow you to:

  • see the due date for material you currently have out
  • renew material
  • see the status of Holds you have made



Overdues, Fines And Fees

All overdue materials are subject to fines. Patrons can avoid incurring fines by returning or renewing material before the due date. Library materials should be returned to the return slots at the circulation counter. For after-hours returns, Alloway Library has a book drop at the front entrance of the building.

Fines are calculated for each day or hour (depending on the loan period) Alloway Library is open. Fines under $1 are waived, except for overdue Reserve material. The maximum fine is $20 per item from the regular collection and $25 per item for Reserve material.

Material not returned or renewed within 28 days of the due date is assumed to be lost. The borrower will be charged for the cost of the material plus a $10/item processing fee. If the lost material is returned, costs will be refunded and an overdue fine will be charged.

Please pay fines and fees promptly. Borrowing privileges are blocked:

  • after two items are declared lost
  • when more than $20 is owing to Alloway Library
  • when a bill is more than 30 days past due
  • when 6 or more items are overdue.


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Alloway Library may place a hold on a student’s account which could prevent the release of grades, course registration or even graduation until outstanding charges are resolved.

Alloway Library will assess replacement charges for material returned in damaged condition.  Damage includes marks caused by pen, pencil, highlighter, paper clips, folding, tearing, cutting, food, liquids, by exposure to heat, dampness, dirt, pets and small children. With your care library resources may last for generations of users.


Overdue reminders are sent as a courtesy to patrons. It is the patron’s responsibility to know when borrowed material is due. Alloway Library provides paper due date reminders for patrons’ convenience.

Notices are usually sent via email to the address you provide. Patrons are responsible for keeping Alloway Library informed of their current contact information.

Alloway Library does not waive fines because of illness. Have a friend return the material or use one of the renewal methods listed below. Contact circulation staff if you have a question about a fine.


You can renew material in several ways:

Once the renewal limit has been reached material must be returned to Alloway Library so that other users have opportunity for access.



Why Can’t I Renew?
Here are common reasons why you may not be able to renew material:

  • Someone has placed a hold on the item that you want to renew.
  • Items from the Reserve counter are not renewable
  • Curriculum items may be renewed only once, and only by undergraduate users.
  • You have reached the limit of four online renewals per item. (One renewal for Faculty.)
  • You have an unpaid library fee.
  • You owe over $20 in library fees.
  • You have material that is more than 21 days overdue.
  • You have material that has been declared lost.
  • Your library privileges have expired or will expire soon.
Library Privileges may be revoked

and/or fines assessed for any of the following reasons:

  • attempted or actual book theft
  • failure to pay for lost books
  • failure to respond to overdue notices promptly
  • defacement of library materials in any manner (e.g., underlining, marginal comments, folding or removing pages, etc.)
  • damage to library furniture and fixtures
  • rude or abusive treatment of library staff
  • violation of Alloway Library's alarm systems


Ignorance will not be considered sufficient justification for violation of these guidelines.
  • Holds may be placed on items that are available, checked out, on hold, in repair, available soon, in erasing or integration, or in cataloguing. Holds cannot be processed for items which are at the Reserve Desk, on-order, damaged, or in the bindery.
  • Patrons may have up to 12 Holds at one time.
  • Generally, if the item you want is still not available after 30 days your request expires. You can ask circulation staff to designate a longer or shorter expiry for your request.
  • You will be notified, usually by email, when the material is available for you.
  • You can check “My Account” to see the status of your Holds


  • Requested items will be held for you for four days.
  • Alloway Library will search for items that are listed as being in library but cannot be found on the shelves—Ask to complete a Search Request form to initiate this service. Library staff will contact you when the material is found.
  • If the catalogue indicates that material that you want is due more than 21 days from today, place a request for the item and library staff will recall the item so that it is due within 28 days from the day you place your request.
Summary of Loan Policies: Loans, fines, limits, Holds and renewals

Alloway Library seeks to provide fair and equitable access to its resources for several thousand users. Our circulation policies can be summed up as follows:

Item type / Loan
Item Limits Advance holds Renewals if item has no holds Fine Rate
21-day Loan
Undergrads 30
Graduates 60
Faculty 60
Yes 4 renewals online.
1 renewal for faculty (contact staff for additional renewals).
Curriculum material [LT call #]21-Day Loan 30 Yes 1 renewal (undergrads only). $.20/day
Video recordings, audio tapes & CDs.
21-day loan

30 (60 for faculty)

[Available only to TWU students & employees]

Yes 4 renewals online. $.20/day
Reference, microform, journals, stats Canada
[In-library use only]
0 No Non-circulating Non-circulating
Study room keys & Headphones
[In-library use only]
2 hours
1 Yes Yes $.50/hour
Other audio-visual equipment 1 Yes Yes $.50/hour
24 hour reserve 2 Yes No $.50/hour

48 hour reserve
72 hour reserve
7 day reserve

2 Yes No $.50/hour
2 hour reserve
[In-library use only]
2 Yes Yes $.50/hour
Occasionally Alloway Library must recall material; when this happens you will be notified of a new due date and the overdue fine rate increases to $.50 per day.

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Interlibrary Loans

Members of the TWU community (including Alumni and Community borrowers) may request material from other libraries. Alloway Library charges a fee for this service.


Fee information and ILL request forms are available on-line at
Copying and Copyright

Photocopiers for both print and microform formats are provided for the convenience of library users. Debit cards and change for use in the copiers are available at the Reserve counter.

Most material in Alloway Library is protected by the Canadian Copyright Act. This law limits the amount of copying that can be done legally.


See for further information. Since library staff cannot monitor the use of public photocopiers, the onus to use equipment for legal purposes rests with the operator. Alloway Library urges you to use copy machines with honesty and integrity.

Alloway Library plays a key role in the academic life of TWU community members. For many, this is the only building on campus with an atmosphere conducive to study. Please respect their rights and help preserve this atmosphere.

  • Listening/viewing stations for media are located on the upper level. Headphones for these may be checked out at the Reserve counter. Group viewing rooms are also available.
  • Laptops: The library has wireless access throughout. Note that the first time you connect to the TWU wireless network, you'll need to register your computer. Go here for more information. Many of the carrels have electrical outlets or extension cords to provide power. Note that we have had several thefts of laptops, so don't leave them unattended.
  • Use headphones and keep the volume at a level that does not disturb others when using personal music players and computer media.
  • Food and beverages can damage library material, so we ask that patrons refrain from eating in the library. Keep beverages in securely covered containers.
  • Appropriate clothing, including footwear and shirts, should be worn at all times.
  • Please do not re-shelve books. Leave them on the return carts and let library staff put them away.
  • Don’t make life easy for thieves. Never leave valuables unattended.


Study Areas

  1. Quiet study Many of our users come to the library to find a quiet place to study, so we encourage everyone to behave accordingly.
  2. Lower level study rooms can be reserved in advance at the Reserve counter. They are for use by one or two persons.
  3. Group study rooms on the main & upper levels can be reserved in advance at the Reserve counter. They are for use by two to six persons at a time. Quiet conversation only.
  • Free local calls can be placed using the blue phone located outside the front entrance to the Library. The Library's telephones are for library faculty and staff.
  • Except in the case of an emergency, no persons in the building will be paged.


  • Please restrict the use of cellular telephones to the lobby or stairwells in the library.
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Access for Disabled Persons

Upon request, library staff will assist with the use of Alloway Library’s catalogue and the retrieval of library materials.


Alarms and Security
  • Fire alarms. Please clear the building in a prompt and orderly fashion should the alarm sound.
  • Fire exits are to be used only in case of an alarm or fire. Under normal operating conditions, all library users must enter and exit the building by the front entrance.


  • Should the security gate at the front entrance sound as you walk through, return to the Checkout counter for inspection.
Library Closing Time

To alert library users of closing time, building lights are flashed at 30 and then 5 minutes before Alloway Library closes. The Circulation counter closes 15 minutes before library closing time.


We ask that you be prompt in completing your work in Alloway Library and vacating the building so that staff have adequate time to secure the building. The library's hours are listed here.
Notices and Bulletin Boards
  • Notices may not be posted at any place in or on the building without the permission of one of the librarians at the Research Help Desk.


Computer Use / Wireless Access
  • Wireless access to the TWU network is free to all students, faculty, and staff.

Guest access to the campus network:

  • Connect to our network and start your web browser.
  • Our registration page will automatically load.
  • Select "Guest" and provide your email address.
  • Once your computer is registered on the network you will be prompted for an access code to complete the process. 
  • Contact Circulation or the Research Help Desk for an access code.


The Library staff does not provide support other than making sure that you understand what equipment is required to connect to the TWU network. For technical support, submit a helpdesk request, or visit IT Services in person on the lower level of the Mattson building.
Listening & Viewing Stations
  • Listening & viewing stations are located in the Audiovisual Collection on the Upper Level.
  • Headphones may be checked out at the Reserve Desk
  • Study room 206 has a DVD and VCR player. It is for 2-6 occupants (but can hold up to 10 in special cases)
  • Library computers are also equipped with media players.
Tablet Borrowing

The library has six Acer Iconia 501 tablets that may be borrowed for 3 days.

Tablets must be returned directly to Alloway Library staff at the Reserve counter before the library closes on the date due. A $25 fee will be applied if this item is returned to the drop box or after hours return slot.

Overdue fines are $50/per day for each day or portion of day that the item is overdue. Maximum fine is $500. The fee for loss or damage to this item is $500.

Note that all data and downloads will be cleared from the device after it is returned to the library.

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