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What’s Your Role as a Parent in your student’s career decisions?
How can the Career Development Office benefit your son or daughter?
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What’s Your Role as a Parent in your student’s career decisions?

The most important thing you can do as a parent is to support your student’s career exploration and career choices, and to encourage your student to take advantage of all TWU has to offer. By encouraging, listening, and providing moral support, you can help your student navigate the career development process, which can be stressful, time consuming, and occasionally difficult. Discussing career issues with your student and encouraging him/her to actively use the Career Development Office throughout their TWU experience, increases the likelihood that your student will identify career options and gain valuable career-related experiences. The result will be a smooth transition from TWU to graduate school or to the world of work.

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How Can the Career Development Office benefit your son or daughter?

What can a trip to The CDO do for your student? How can our staff help them? Here are a few of the services we offer that may help:


You may get a call from your student saying that they are unsure of the direction they should pursue in their course of study or how they are unsure of where their course of study can take them. We are trained to administer a variety of standardized tests than may assist in learning about areas of interests and personality. There is a fee of $30 per assessment.


We offer a variety of workshops. Encouraging your son or daughter to attend one of these workshops will help them see that the issues they are dealing with are probably quite normal. They are able to learn and be encouraged from their peers. Workshops are led by Professional Staff and are free of charge. Students are informed of workshop options through their university email, the Tip-off and from our website.


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Computer Lab

The Career Development Office offers 2 computers that students can use to research potential employers and conduct an on-line job search, engage in self-assessment activities, create their resume and cover letter, and to research graduate school information. The lab has a laser printer that is available to use at a cost of $.15 per page. The Centre is also equipped as a wireless site, so we welcome students using their computers.

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Resource Library

The CDO’s Resource Library contains books on:

  • Career Planning and Vocational Guidance
  • Guides to learn about resumes, cover letter, interviewing, networking, and the job search process.
  • Directories
  • Labour Market Information
  • Graduate School information
  • Occupational information and exploration
  • Magazines with additional employment opportunities

Our library is a non-lending library but if your student wishes to do in-depth research or reading, students may leave a $10 deposit for overnight or weekend use. The money is fully refundable upon return of the book(s). We also provide 4 comfortable chairs for students use to be able to leisurely read the books in our Centre.

Assistance is provided by staff who can help your student learn how to find the needed resources and provide recommendations.

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Graduate/Professional School Application Assistance

To assist your student in the process of researching, selecting and applying to graduate/professional school, we offer the following:

  • Petersons’ Guides to Graduate Programs
  • Test prep books to prepare for the GRE
  • Scholarship books
  • Resources to assist in the preparation of the Statement of Purpose
  • Preparing for Grad School Workshop (recommended for 3rd year students)
  • Your student may make an appointment with one of our staff members to have his/her statement reviewed.

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Mock Interviews

The CDO offers mock interviews throughout the academic year. A practice interview provides your student with an excellent opportunity to become more familiar and confident in the interview setting. Feedback is provided and areas of improvement are reviewed and practiced. To sign up for a mock interview, your student should contact the Centre at 604-513-2017.

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Resume and Cover Letter Preparation and Critiquing

For students in their 1st – 3rd year, resume and cover letter consultations are available during Wednesday Walk-in Hours from 1-4. No appointment is necessary to see a staff member for a quick critique.

Students entering their 4th year need to make an appointment by phoning the Centre and booking an hour long appointment to prepare their resume for their job search upon graduation.

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 The CDO is pleased to provide CareerCruising, a comprehensive and interactive career guidance resource that assists students to make informed career choices. It includes in-depth profiles of hundreds of different careers, detailed information on colleges and universities, and multimedia interviews with real people in every career. What better way to learn about careers than from the people who know them best. The CDO will provide all current students with the username and password to access this resource.

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Finding the Right Fit

A degree does not equal finding a job. The degree will open many doors but it is ultimately up to each of our graduates to obtain the employment they desire. Conducting the right kind of research and taking advantage of experiential opportunities will help prepare them for the world of work and make for a smoother transition. The more committed your student is to the job search and the decision making process, the greater the chances are of finding the most satisfactory job.

Job Shadowing

One way for your student to begin to see if they are interested in a particular occupation is to job shadow. By shadowing someone in a field your student is interested in, your student is able to move from reading about an occupation or hearing about it from others, to experiencing it personally. If your student needs to brainstorm about places to contact to job shadow, encourage them to visit the CDO during Walk-in Wednesdays.

Networking (Informational Interviewing)

One of the easiest and most effective ways you can assist your student is to help him/her meet people in a professional field in which he/she is interested and conduct information interviews.

Informational interviewing is a networking approach that allows your student to meet key professionals, gather career information, investigate career options, get advice on job search techniques, and gain referrals to other professionals.

f your student is unsure of how to conduct an informational interview, what to ask, or the proper protocols, encourage them to come to the CDO where they can be coached in the art of informational interviewing.

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Co-operative Education – Career Experiences Office

Co-operative education combines full-time study with related employment. Students, employers, and the university work together so students can enhance their course work with practical experience.

What are the benefits of your student enrolling in a co-op education program?

  • Helps relate theory and practice.
  • Enables contextualization of course work.
  • May lead to full-time employment.
  • Eases transition from the education environment to the workplace

Students must currently be enrolled as an undergraduate full-time student at Trinity Western University in order to enroll in the Co-operative Education Program. Application and acceptance into the Program must occur before the student has completed 90 semester hours. Encourage your student to apply during their 2nd year or first semester of their 3rd year.

Programs offering Co-op Education

TWU presently offers co-op programs in:

  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Business Administration (All Streams)
  • Chartered Accounting
  • Chemistry
  • Media + Communication
  • Drama
  • English
  • Environmental Studies
  • Geography
  • Human Kinetics
  • International Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Music
  • Nursing
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies

Do students receive academic credit for a co-op work term?

Students do not receive academic credit, but work terms are recorded on the official transcript with a Pass or Fail grade. If a Failing grade is given, the student is automatically out of the program.

To receive a Co-op certificate, the following must be successfully completed:

  • Complete three work terms
  • Earn favourable employer evaluations
  • Receive passing grades on each work term
  • Satisfactorily complete the 1 credit course Career Prep 100

To ensure the co-op work placement lines up with your student’s career goals, The Centre empowers the student to find their own work placement in a company that interests them. Each work term must be approved by the CLC.

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Internships and Practica

Internships and practica are an extremely beneficial part of a university education. Some of the majors at TWU offer practical work experience for credit. Encourage your student to talk with their faculty advisor about internship opportunities.

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Laurentian Leadership Centre, Ottawa, ON

Trinity Western's Laurentian Leadership Centre is geared towards third and fourth year students who plan a career in business, computing science, media + communication, history, international studies or political studies. The fully credited, semester-long program includes nine semester hours of interdisciplinary courses and a six-semester hour internship in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.

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Travel Studies

Travel studies give your student the chance to experience learning in a non-traditional context and help develop a global perspective. Each program includes opportunities for to visit historical and cultural places of interest and to dialogue with resident professionals and academics in their field of study. Participating in a travel study is a life-changing experience! Encourage your student to speak with their Academic Advisor about these opportunities.

A sample of travel study destinations:

Kenya - Anthropology, Cross-Cultural & Leadership Communication (open to ALL majors)

Salt Spring Island - Biology

Guatemala - Anthropology, Cross-Cultural & Leadership Communication (open to ALL majors)

China & Hong Kong - Business

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Student Leadership

There are many opportunities at TWU for your student to get involved and gain valuable experience. There are over 300 leadership roles that you can encourage your student to complete the online application. Our mission at the University is to develop godly Christian leaders who go out and make a positive impact on the marketplaces they work in and communities where they live.

The Career Development staff welcomes any questions or comments you may have regarding the career planning process for your student. Email or phone us with your questions or comments. Encourage your student to stop by our Centre or call to set up an appointment. Because of the Privacy Act, we are unable to share information with you concerning your student’s visits to the Career Development Office.

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