TWU School of Law receives final approval

Trinity Western University is pleased to announce the BC Ministry of Advanced Education has approved the TWU School of Law. Two days ago the University announced the approval from the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. With these two approvals, TWU will now move forward with development of the School of Law with the planned first class to commence in 2016.

“We are thrilled with this news,” said TWU President Bob Kuhn, also a lawyer. “With the final approval from the BC Ministry of Advanced Education we can proceed to launch a TWU School of Law that will develop legal professionals equipped to be highly skilled and compassionate practitioners of the future.”

“It needs to be said,” said President Kuhn, “that all students (gay or straight) are welcome to attend Trinity Western University, providing they meet our academic requirements and agree to respect our community values. Like most religious communities, we have established a set of values and principles to guide our daily lives; ours are in a manner consistent with Christian teaching. Chief among those values is to show love and respect for all people at all times.”

The TWU School of Law will offer unique courses in two distinctive areas of specialization: charities/not-for-profit law and entrepreneurial law. A specialty in the non-profit sector will address a niche market in legal education. TWU graduates are challenged to care about the well-being of others and committed to understanding how to address the world’s deepest needs.

While TWU’s approach to the education of law will be practical, it will be well grounded in the standard academic legal principles. Typically, law firms have to invest significant resources in order to transform newly-minted law graduates into practicing lawyers. The School of Law at TWU will aspire to produce law graduates ready to enter the marketplace as practicing professionals.

To inquire about enrolment or development of the TWU School of Law please contact:

Janet Epp Buckingham, LL.D.
Associate Professor and Director, Laurentian Leadership Centre
613-569-7511 (5010)

Kevin Sawatsky J.D.
Vice Provost and University Legal Counsel
604-513-2121 (3337)

Media inquiries:

Jennifer Watton
Associate Director, PR and Content
604-513-2121 (3341)

For more information please see the Proposed School of Law website.


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