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New suite of videos answer the question – why Trinity Western?

James, a student in the video, tells his story of impact and transformation at TWU.

To start the New Year, Trinity Western University launched a suite of Focus videos showcasing the undergraduate student experience. The videos cover a range of topics including academic excellence, campus life and affordability and why the liberal arts approach to education matters.

“We expect students to ask themselves ‘Why Trinity?’ – why should they choose us as their partner as they invest in their future,” said Corwin Koch, Associate Vice President of Enrollment. “The videos invite those questions and feature our existing students telling their stories of how TWU has actively engaged them in thinking critically about issues, about who they are, and how they can impact others in the world.”

TWU created the four videos on campus life, academics, affordability, and the liberal arts in place of its previous 72-page award-winning view book.  The videos showcase the possibilities students have at TWU in a more tangible way through the voices of current students, professors, and alumni.

James, a student in the video, tells his story of impact and transformation at TWU. “[The experience] changed me because I’ve been able to think through what I believe, invest in others, grow as an individual and have others invest in me,” he said.

The videos capture a view of the dynamic Christian community and quality of education TWU offers. “This is a place to ask hard questions, build relationships, learn, and ultimately, leave with a well-rounded education that will prepare you for the rest of your life,“ said Koch. 

Watch the videos here:

Campus Life – James

Academic Excellence – Lydia

Value & Affordability – Allyson

The Liberal Arts - Darren Provost, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History

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