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Monday, July 14th - Friday, August 22nd

Right of Passage Exhibition

Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: President’s Gallery, 2nd floor, Reimer Student Centre

The work of our graduating SAMC Art + Design students is now on exhibit in the President’s Gallery.  Explore mixed media pieces by Olivia de Fleuriot de la Coliniere, Emily Garrison, Diana Hiebert, Amy Robinson, and Tara Spencer, as seen in the Langley Centennial Museum’s recent Menagerie exhibition.

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Coming Events in August

Tuesday, August 26th

Thesis Defence - Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis
Mike Aubrey - "The Greek Perfect and the Categorization of Tense and Aspect: Toward a Descriptive Apparatus for Operators in Role and Reference Grammar"

Time: 1:30 - 3:30 pm
Location: Deck Room, Fosmark Centre

Abstract: This thesis attempts to expand the theoretical and methodological basis of operators within Role and Reference Grammar for purposes of language description, using the Greek perfect as a test case. This requires first examining the current theoretical and methodological approach to tense and aspect in RRG and its strengths and weaknesses. Here I demonstrate that while some areas of RRG have a well-developed and robust set of theoretical and descriptive tools for language description, operators such as tense and aspect are distinctly lacking in this regard. To that end, I propose a model for tense and aspect operators that attempts to fill in the gaps that exist in RRG while also maintaining the integrity and spirit of the linguistic theory. This involves three steps. Beginning with a survey of the broader typological literature on tense and aspect in order to establish a set of morphosyntactic tests for the evaluation and categorization of operators. This is followed by an application of the proposed morphosyntactic tests to a particular grammatical problem: the Greek Perfect in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the tests. This thesis concludes with a synthetic model for tense and aspect operators that both satisfies the theoretical and typological claims of the broader literature and also validates the existing structure of the Role and Reference Grammar framework, thereby furthering the goals of RRG as a useful theoretical model for language description.

Coming Events in September

Friday, September 5th

Thesis Defence - Master of Science in Nursing
Rae Ramsden - "Is Nursing Transferable and Portable? The Experience of Travel Nurses"

Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Alumni Hall, 2nd floor, Reimer Student Centre

Abstract: The professional designation "registered nurse" presumes transferability and portability across national and cultural boundaries. This is especially evident in a form of nursing called travel nursing, where nurses from one region or country are hired (and relocated) to address a seasonal or temporary nursing shortage in another region or country. Using Thorne’s (2008) interpretive-descriptive design, this qualitative study examined the experiences of six travel nurses working in the Southwestern United States between October 2013 and March 2014. These nurses were English speaking with nursing experiences in Australia, Canada, England and the United States. The findings supported the notion of transferability and portability – albeit after a period of adaptation. Findings revealed the following five themes: (1) transferring nursing skills; (2) navigating policy differences; (3) overcoming English language differences; (4) acculturating and transitioning into new locations; and, (5) becoming aware of healthcare costs.


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