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No. 15

Spartan Logo Reborn

In the fall of 1963, Leland Asa, dean of students, ordered new gold and brown uniforms for Trinity Junior College. The new uniforms arrived in January of 1964.
To accompany the uniforms, the students chose a new name for the TJC athletic teams: the Spartans.

photo of Spartans logo designs
photo of Spartans athlete

The Spartan name has endured at Trinity Western for 44 years. The TWU Athletics logo, however, has gone through an evolutionary process. The first TWU Spartan logo appeared in the early 70s and took shape over the next decade. In the spring of 1986, after receiving university accreditation, TWU athletic teams celebrated their university status and ordered uniforms with new team colours. The Spartans exchanged brown and gold for blue, gold, and white, and saw another change to their logo. Later, members of the men’s basketball team spearheaded a revision of the Spartans’ logo that combined the TWU letters with a warrior head. This was refined again in 1988, customized into a three dimensional version in 1999, and updated in 2005.

The many logo variations eventually began to cause confusion and TWU athletic teams were occasionally referred to as the Trojans instead of the Spartans. Because of these and other branding related issues, TWU’s Department of Athletics together with the University Communications department initiated a redesign process in the fall of 2006.

the new Spartans logo

The design process was tricky. The Athletics department wanted the logo to remain true to the identity of the TWU Spartans and to also embody the ancient Spartan values the department aspires to uphold. The new logo also needed to build on TWU’s history, not erase it. As the design company Industrial Brand Creative Inc. followed TWU’s history, they incorporated a helmet on the new Spartan logo that replicates the battle helmet ancient Sparta warriors wore into campaigns. This look is consistent with the original TWU logo from the early 70s, providing a strong tie to TWU’s logo roots.

After a year of hard work, TWU and Spartan Athletics are proud to present the new Spartans logo.

by Scott Stewart ('92)

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CIS Championships

From November 6 - 9, the top Canadian women’s soccer teams will be in Langley as TWU hosts its first CIS Championship. The Spartans will make their third appearance at the championship, striving to win their second title (2004).

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