Challenge Cards

We want to help you design a career path focused on the challenges that excite you and meet the needs of the world.   

The way we approach career choice in today’s world needs to be different than simply preparing for a single job title. Positions are constantly being created and replaced as technology develops, and most professionals change roles multiple times throughout their careers. The Challenge Card resource is a tool designed to help you shape a dynamic career plan around matching the challenges that excite you with the needs of the world.  

  1. Each card represents a different challenge,  
  2. Students are invited to select the ones they have the greatest desire to work with.  
  3. Results allow students to work with career coaches and mentors to investigate potential fields of work and study based on their desires to meet specific challenges.  

As a current or prospective student, you have free access to this online career exploration tool! Here’s how: 

  • Contact us at to get a free access code!   
  • Complete the Challenge Cards sorting exercise 
  • Book an appointment with a career coach to design your next steps