Personal Finance Preparation

We want to help you prepare for life after graduation by talking about personal finances.

Our recent graduates have told us that they would have benefited from more resources/training to help them think about and manage their finances. In response, we have partnered with Enriched Academy – a leader in practical financial education in Canada. ​

Students and new alum have free access to online material that can help to:​

  • Gain a clear understanding of your financial situation​
  • Create a practical and usable budget​
  • Set goals and plans to manage any debt and investments​
  • Understand your credit score​
  • And so much more.​

Over 150,000 Canadians have taken this program and it has transformed their financial awareness.  

You can do this course on your own, join a group to discuss the ideas, or receive 1:1 support from a TWU staff member. 

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