Resume & Interviews

We want to help you tell your story to find work that you really want to do.

As you explore different opportunities you will often be asked to share your story - whether it's in a resume, an application, informational interview, or a formal interview. The listener is curious about what you have learned in life - e.g., your experiences, interests, skills, important values, attitudes to work and life - and your ability to connect these learnings to their world. They are interetsted in whether you understand their needs and have the potential to add significant value. This type of storytelling is a real skill and takes practice. It involves being clear on who you are and what you believe, and what skills and knowledge you can bring to the table. It also involves doing your homework on the organization that you are interested in - what is important to them and what contribution you could make. If you are telling the same story to every person then you are likely to struggle to really connect with them.

So we are here to help. For example:

  1. Resumes

    Create a resume, watch our interactive guide, and then book an appointment with any of the career coaches to explore ways to make it even more impactful.
  2. Interviews

    Find a time with a career coach and use them as a sounding board to practice possible questions. We can also set up a practice panel interview process for you.
  3. LinkedIn

    Sign up to LinkedIn and fix a time to work with a career coach on your Profile and/or watch our Get started with LinkedIn guide.