Information Management

One of the common stress-causing issues for online learners is the overwhelming volume of information and resources made available to them in their courses. While technology allows us immediate access to a vast wealth of information, it can also lead to a sense of feeling inundated because there is so much of it!

To successfully manage all this information, consider developing a system for identifying and organizing documents and links. First, identify the purpose of the resource by asking the following questions:

  • What do you need to learn from this reading?
  • Is it important to you academically? Personally? Professionally?
  • How did your instructor label it: Required? Supplemental? Of interest?

Identifying the purpose of a resource allows you to organize it effectively for future reference.

One of the tools you will need to utilize in organizing all this information is an information management system. These management systems can help you better organize your resources in a central location. Check out the following links for more information:

Cloud Storage

Note Taking Platforms:

Browser Organization

Once you have identified an information management system that works for you, take some time to explore the features that it offers to help you better organize your information. A good starting point is looking at how you can group information or course work. Consider using folders to sort information by course or topic.