Synchronous Communication

Your learning will often take place in an online meeting platform such as ZOOM – these online meeting forums are called Synchronous Learning Environments. Others may include MS Teams, BlueJeans, Live Streaming, etc. Whether it is with an Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Facilitator, or peers, these environments require their own, unique considerations when it comes to netiquette. Take a look at some guidelines.

NOTE: Different meetings may have different guidelines. Be sure to review any guidelines set out by your instructor prior to attending a synchronous learning session!

General Guidelines:

  • When joining a meeting, ensure your mic is muted.
  • When someone else is presenting, mute your mic.
  • Clarify whether the expectation is that your camera is “on” or “off” during meeting. This may differ from situation to situation.
  • If you share your video during the session, make sure there is nothing behind you that will be distracting or revealing for others to see.

Remember – sometimes these meetings are being recorded so be mindful of your actions and contributions.

Asking a Question:

There are different ways to ask questions without interrupting:

  • Type your question in the chat. This allows the instructor to address questions at the appropriate time.
  • Use the "raise hand" function

What Does Active Learning Look Like in a Synchronous Environment?

  • Camera on, mic muted
  • Asking questions in the chat
  • Resisting the temptation to surf, check email, etc in another tab or on another device
  • Using reactions to respond during the presentation (emoji use is acceptable YAY!)
  • Repeating what someone said before you to acknowledge their thoughts before proceeding with new ideas. E.g. "I like your thoughts on insert topic, Name-of-student. I would add insert your idea here."

How to use some of these synchronous tools?

Check out the pages in the 'Technical Instructions' section.