Many students do not declare a program of study during their first year, and others, who may have thought initially that they knew what they wanted to do, change their program of study as they come to a better understanding of their own interests and skills. The Academic Calendar has a listing of current disciplines available at TWU. Please note: Not all disciplines will have a corresponding degree / major / concentration / minor. When you change your program of study you can request a new Advisor at the same time. Request a change of Major online or come into the Academic Advising Office to discuss your major/Advisor options. Education students: Please note that if you are planning on or have been accepted into the Education program you will need to include an Education concentration with whatever you choose to declare as your majors/minors/teachable subjects. Note: choosing a program of study can take the form of declaring a General Studies major, which involves the completion of any two minors (24 sem. hrs. each).