The offices of the Academic Vice President and the Registrar share the responsibility for the advising system. Directly involved in the whole advising process are Admissions counsellors, who do the initial advising, Enrolment Services Assistants, who meet students for regular course registration and provide information for faculty advisors, and individual Faculty Advisors, who provide information and ongoing guidance for students.  However, academic advising is also linked with a network of campus services such as the Career Centre, the Writing Centre, Counseling Services, Financial Aid, Recreational Services, and more.


Upon inquiry into the University, each student is paired with an Admissions counsellor who is available to assist the student in transitioning to university life, which includes advising and processing initial course selection.

Academic Advisors

Upon arrival to the campus at the beginning of a students first semester, an effort is made to match the student with a faculty member who serves as an academic advisor in his/her chosen field of study.

Orientation Week

New students have three opportunities on the Tuesday during Orientation Week in September to receive program and course information from faculty members in their chosen field of study. The morning begins with Group Advising Sessions where students in similar programs meet to receive important information by key faculty members. Academic advisors then meet with their new advisees as a group in Your Advisor Connection. This is an opportunity for students to meet their faculty advisor and for the advisor to give some general tips to the new students. At the end of this session, students sign up for a One-on-One Advising Appointment with their advisor. Students should bring their list of fall classes to this meeting.

Undecided Students

Students who have yet to declare a major are assigned Colleen Hansen as their advisor, who will assist them in deciding on a major.

Changing Advisors

Once deciding students declare a major, or if students change their major during their program, they can request a change of advisor to a faculty member in their chosen field via the Student Portal here.

Program Checklists

To help ensure that students enroll in appropriate courses during each year of their program, checklists are available for their use in course planning. You can find the current checklists here.

Advising Meetings

In both the Fall and Spring semesters, students are asked to make an appointment to meet with their advisor for the primary purpose of selecting courses for the following semester. The student's course selections for the next semester must be approved by their advisor at this time in order for the student to pay their first deposit and remain enrolled in their courses for next semester. Advisors are able to offer advise regarding the students long-term academic planning and serve to be very helpful in ensuring that students are taking the correct courses for their program. Students are encouraged to be well prepared for their advising meetings by being familiar with their program requirements and checklists.


It is recommended that students pre-register for the next semester of classes. Pre-registration can be done any time during pre-registration week and is not a first come first serve set-up. Once the deadline passes course lists are arranged by the students' semester hours completed (ex. fourth year students will have priority getting into a class before a second year student). After this, it is determined how many seats are left in the courses and registration is then done on a first come first serve basis. After a student pre-registers for their classes they must get advisor approval on their course selections by making an appointment to see their advisor. This allows the students to pay their first deposit and remain in their course selections. If the student does not receive advisor approval they are not able to pay their first deposit and then are bumped off the list for their classes and must register again for courses.

Graduation Audit

To help ensure that the student is on track in terms of meeting program requirements, a graduation audit is performed by the Office of the Registrar when the student submits an Application for Graduation one year prior to his/her intended date of graduation. For more information on how to complete a graduation audit please click here.