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Online Courses & Degrees allow you to take university courses from the comfort of your home.

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Trinity Western University offers courses, undergraduate or graduate degrees fully online.


Can't find a course that fits with your schedule? Try taking it online. Our online format is easy to use, and professors provide the same care and support as in the classroom. Check out the online courses that are being offered.

Trinity Western University offers a number of courses online. The courses below are listed as either online courses (OL) or independent studies (IS). Although both types of courses are presented in an online format, online courses have a set start and end date and specific deadlines for assignments. Courses that are listed as independent studies can be started and completed within 4 month period. Independent Studies are designed to accommodate learners that wish to self-pace their course work, however, require more discipline to stay on track.

If you wish to check out our Independent Study courses click here.


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