Europe provides a fascinating area of study--a complex blend of states with a rich history of rivalries and alliances, obvious similarities and glaring distinctions, with religion playing a major role in shaping its art, culture, philosophy, and law.

TWU’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a multidisciplinary major in European Studies for students interested in Europe’s social, economic, political, and spiritual aspects. It’s a stimulating interdisciplinary research environment for both faculty and students, promoting academic excellence in research, publications, and teaching on European issues. There are numerous travel study opportunities in places such as London, Geneva, Rome, and Paris. The European Studies major offers three streams of study: language, history, and English literature and fine arts.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)
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Admission Requirements

The admissions process at TWU is designed to be simple and convenient. Once we receive your application and transcripts, you will be contacted by your admissions counsellor within two weeks on your admittance.

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Travel Studies

Travel studies allow you to immerse yourself in a different culture. Every moment spent abroad is an opportunity to learn. TWU professors lead the courses, joined by guest speakers who provide a local perspective.

Careers in European Studies
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Career opportunities European studies graduates pursue include careers in:

  • Missions
  • Government
  • Translation
  • Teaching
  • Foreign service
  • International Business.