Course Credits
MATH 123 MATH 123 - Calculus I

Functions, limits and continuity, derivatives and applications, integrals and applications.NB: Credit is granted for only one of MATH 120 or MATH 123.Prerequisite(s): At least a B in B.C. Principles of Mathematics 12, or Pre-Calculus 12 or equivalent, or MATH 105. (4-0; 4-0)

MATH 124 MATH 124 - Calculus II

Transcendental functions, integration techniques, polar co-ordinates, sequences, series, and Taylor series.Prerequisite(s): MATH 123 or an A in MATH 120 and the instructor's permission. (0-0; 4-0)

MATH 150 MATH 150 - Introduction to Discrete Math

This course introduces students to those branches of pure mathematics that are most commonly used in the study of Computing Science and/or have other practical applications. Topics include logic, proofs, switching circuits, set theory, induction, functions, languages, finite automata, combinatorics, and algebraic structures. This course may be taken by non-majors for non-lab science credit.NB: Not offered every year. See Department chair.Cross-listed: CMPT 150.Prerequisite(s): B.C. high school Mathematics 12, or Pre-Calculus 12, or MATH 101, or the equivalent. (3-1-0; 0-0-0)

MATH 223 MATH 223 - Calculus III

Multivariate calculus. Topics include vectors, vector functions and derivatives; curves; partial and directional derivatives; Lagrange multipliers; double and triple integrals; spherical and cylindrical co-ordinates; vector integrals, Green's Theorem, surface integrals.Prerequisite(s): MATH 124, 150. (3-0; 0-0)

MATH 250 MATH 250 - Linear Algebra

Systems of linear equations, matrices, determinants, vector spaces, linear transformations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalization applications, linear programming.Prerequisite(s): MATH 123 and preferably MATH 150. (3-0 or 3-0)

MATH 370 MATH 370 - Geometry

Finite geometries, transformations, Euclidean geometry, constructions, inverse geometry, projective geometry, non-Euclidean geometry.NB: Not offered every year. See Department chair.Prerequisite(s): MATH 223, 250. (3-0 or 3-0)


*Program subject to final approval by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education