Minor, Concentration

Develop problem-solving skills while learning about motion & magnetism, quarks & quasars.

Studying physics at TWU is an exceptional experience. Here you get to explore matter, energy, and their interactions; students learn the deeper principles involved in events from the everyday to the exotic. And it all is informed by a Christian perspective, one that recognizes the covenantally faithful ways God governs the physical aspect of creation. Small classes, expertly led by passionate faculty, make for quality learning environments and accelerate problem-solving skills. A physics minor or concentration, combined with studies in another discipline, will allow you to explore the simplicity and complexity of the amazing universe. Our modern lab equipment and diverse curriculum affords opportunities to be involved in research at TWU and other universities.

Careers in Physics

Students studying physics learn to become problem solvers. As graduates they can pursue career opportunities in:

  • Mechanical, civil, electrical, or computer engineering
  • Hydroelectric and nuclear energy work
  • Electronics
  • Education
  • Research & Development