ID Course Credits
PHYS 111 PHYS 111 - Fundamentals of Physics I | 2022-2023

Students investigate physical reality employing basic principles of Newtonian mechanics which allow the description and explanation of motion: three-dimensional kinematics, dynamics of particles and rigid bodies including work, energy, momentum, rotational motion, simple harmonic motion, and fluids.

PHYS 112 PHYS 112 - Fundamentals of Physics II | 2022-2023

The basic principles of classical electromagnetism and waves: mechanical waves, Coulomb's law, electric fields, Gauss's law, Faraday's law, AC circuits, electromagnetic waves, geometrical optics.

PHYS 210 PHYS 210 - Conceptual Modern Physics | 2022-2023

A survey of the development of scientific theories, emphasizing the ideas that emerged in physics in the 20th century. The course is designed so that general audience students become engaged with the conceptual aspects of topics in relativity and quantum mechanics.NB: Not offered every year See department chair.

PHYS 215 PHYS 215 - Stellar and Galactic Astronomy | 2022-2023

An introduction to stellar and galactic astronomy, and to the tools and techniques of astronomy. Discussion of the types of stars and their formation, energy production, and end states; the nature of nebulae, star clusters, black holes, galaxies, and quasars; modern cosmology; astrobiology. Several daytime and night-time observation sessions are undertaken. Historical, philosophical, and Christian theological perspectives are considered.

PHYS 220 PHYS 220 - Mechanics | 2022-2023

Topics in classical mechanics, including particle motion in three dimensions, noninertial reference frames, central forces, rigid body motion, Lagrange's equation of motion, and Hamilton's variational principle

PHYS 230 PHYS 230 - Electricity and Magnetism | 2022-2023

Electric fields and potentials of static charge distributions, currents, magnetic fields and the vector potential, electromagnetic induction, electric and magnetic energy, electromagnetic properties of matter.

PHYS 240 PHYS 240 - Physical Chemistry | 2022-2023

Introduction to thermodynamics as applied to chemical reactions. The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, free energy and equilibria, phase equilibria and electro-chemistry.

PHYS 310 PHYS 310 - Topics in Modern Physics | 2022-2023

Introduction to the special theory of relativity; the principles of quantum mechanics and its interpretation; aspects of atomic, nuclear and particle physics; and cosmology.

PHYS 320 PHYS 320 - Digital Electronics and Instrumentation | 2022-2023

To provide students with a working knowledge of basic semiconductor devices and gates and their use for implementing logic devices and simple measurement and control functions, and to provide experience in constructing and using circuit diagrams and test/measurement equipment.

PHYS 321 PHYS 321 - Differential Equations | 2022-2023

First order differential equations, linear differential equations, Laplace transforms, systems of differential equations, non-linear systems, series solutions, introduction to partial differential equations. Special emphasis is placed on applications to physics and engineering.

PHYS 341 PHYS 341 - Advanced Physical Chemistry | 2022-2023

The fundamental concepts of matter and its structure in relation to energy. Quantum mechanics, statistical thermodynamics, spectroscopy, kinetics, and the solid state.

PHYS 360 PHYS 360 - Optics | 2022-2023

Geometrical and physical optics: reflection and refraction, interference, coherence, polarization, diffraction, lasers, and holography.

PHYS 400 PHYS 400 - DIRECTED STUDY | 2022-2023

Students are required to produce an outline of one topic to be studied in consultation with the instructor. A course of reading and/or experimentation is pursued according to the approved outline. Assessment may be via examination and/or a final written report.