ID Course Credits
ENGL 103 ENGL 103 - Introduction to Fiction

An introductory study of fiction with the purpose of understanding literature and cultivating skills in scholarly research, textual analysis, and academic writing and documentation. Such skills are fostered by closely reading and analyzing works of short fiction and the novel by accomplished prose stylists. Students focus on the distinctive conventions of fiction in order to interpret these works critically, while interacting thoughtfully with themes presented therein; there is a particular focus on analyzing and making use of narrative strategies and rhetorical tools. Students continue to develop their academic prose, with attention to improving foundational grammar, diction, phrasing, organization, and argument-building in the thesis-driven essay.

FNDN 101 FNDN 101 - The Liberal Arts Journey

Students engage in inquiry and discussion of concepts underpinning a Christian liberal arts education; explore TWU's unique core curriculum and Student Learning Outcomes; practice strategies to confidently navigate their university journey; and develop an educational plan to guide their academic decision-making.

HKIN 190 HKIN 190 - Concepts of Physical Fitness

An introduction to your physical self, physical activity, and exercise. Specific areas of health, wellness, physical fitness, skills, and body mechanisms. Laboratory sessions dealing with fitness assessment and personal application of scientific principles.Prerequisite(s): None. (2-1 or 2-1)

PHIL 210 PHIL 210 - Contemporary Ethical Issues

Through readings and class-discussion, this course introduces students to the foundational moral frameworks of western civilization and requires them to bring these frameworks to bear on some of the most important ethical issues arising in contemporary society: consumerism, technoculture, environmental ethics, responsibility to distant peoples, genetic engineering and cloning, and the promise and peril of nanotechnology.

WRTG 100 WRTG 100 - Writing in the University Context

This course is designed to improve the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills of students whose first language is English. Students are required to read an array of essays, discuss them critically, and write papers analyzing the structure and content of these essays.