OPTION A: One Payment per Semester 

Fees are due in full on the first Friday in April for the Summer semester, the first Friday in August for the Fall semester and the first Friday in December for the Spring semester.

OPTION B: Four Installments - All semesters

Fall Semester: Payment will be due in four installments on the 15th of each month, starting August 15.
Spring Semester: Payment will be due in four installments on the 15th of each month, starting December 15.
Payment Dates: http://www.twu.ca/academics/office-registrar/financial-information/payment-dates

Trinity Western offers option B at no interest or finance fees if the payments are received on time. To maintain current status in courses, the first two installments must be paid promptly. If we do not receive payment by the above mentioned payment dates, you will incur late payment fees and interest charges of 18% per annum. 

OPTION C: Pre Authorized Debit (PAD) Payments per Semester plan is available through Pre Authorized Debit ONLY

This is a withdrawal of funds from a person's bank account based on a previously signed authorization. You will need to reapply for this payment plan EACH SEMESTER that you want to pay using this option. This payment plan is available to any students who has a bank account at any major Canadian Bank and/or Canadian Credit Union. You can access the PAD Payment Plan Online Application on the Student Portal.  An administration fee of $25 per semester will be assessed to your student account for this payment option.

The Pre-Authorized Debit Plan payments are withdrawn from your account on the following dates:

Fall Semester: Aug. 7, Sept. 7, Oct. 7 and Nov. 7 Spring Semester: Dec. 7, Jan. 7, Feb. 7 and Mar. 7 Summer Semester:  Apr. 7, May 7, Jun. 7 and Jul. 7 If you apply for this payment option after the first payment date listed above, the payments must be caught up when the first payment is processed.  Pre Authorized Debits that are returned by the bank as non negotiable will incur a Transaction fee of $50.00 per missed payment regardless of the reason and will also incur interest charges of 18% per annum calculated back to the first day of classes.  Once you have applied and been approved for this payment plan you can still opt out or cancel but will incur a cancellation fee of $30.