Pre Authorized Debit (PAD) Payment Plan

This payment plan is available to all students who have a bank account at any major Canadian Bank and/or Canadian Credit Union.

The Payment plan is available through Pre Authorized Debit ONLY - withdrawal of funds from a person's bank account based on a previously signed authorization.  Further information is available on the Registrar Office website Payment Options page.

PAD Enrolment Fee:  $25 per semester

PAD Cancellation/Opt out Fee:  $30 per semester

Once a student has enrolled in the payment plan they can request to opt out by contacting the TWU Registrar Office.

PAD Late Payment Fee $50 per non negotiable payment.  This fee is applicable to those students that for any reason the Pre authorized Auto Debit payment cannot be negotiated on the agreed upon payment date.   Non negotiable payments will also be assessed a NSF Fee of $30.00 and may be assessed interest charges calculated at 18% per annum.