Security Deposit is a $100 refundable deposit required of all students.  The deposit will be used to cover damage or breakage in a student residence or academic lab and other areas of student indebtedness to the University including outstanding parking and library fees & fines, etc.  Should there be any charges against this deposit reinstatement to the full amount of $100.00 will be required by the beginning of the next semester at the University.

Security Deposit Refunds

At the request of the student, the security deposit will be refunded less any outstanding charges on their account at the end of a student’s studies at the University.

Graduating students will have their security deposit automatically refunded after graduation.

Students who are not planning to return to the university should email a Security Deposit Refund Request to the Office of the Registrar. The email should include their current permanent home mailing address.

The University will attempt to contact students who no longer attend and have not requested their deposit.  If no reply is received during the period of one year the deposit will be forfeited to the Student Assistance Fund.

Please note: Security Deposits of $50 or less will be refunded in cash only.  All other refunds will be by cheque or bank wire.