Trinity Western University is committed to helping students develop and grow during their university education.  This includes ensuring that students' health care needs are covered while they study.  In order to ensure this, TWU has instituted a policy in 2004, requiring all non-Canadian students who reside in BC during the academic year to enrol in the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (BCMSP).   If you are a new student at TWU you will need to enrol for both interim health care coverage and BCMSP.  The annual cost of insurance is approximately $750 CDN.  This cost covers interim health care coverage for three months and BCMSP coverage for nine months. If you are returning to TWU in the fall and you have provided us with an updated Study Permit, your BCMSP enrolment will be secured for the next academic year (September - August) upon receipt of your BCMSP payment.  The annual cost of insurance is approximately $750 CDN.  Your BCMSP fees are due by the first payment deadline (first Friday in August, in addition to your first tuition payment).  Your fall course registration will only be considered current once you have made your first payment and your BCMSP payment. The following website link will provide you with information regarding coverage under BCMSP If you have any questions concerning the Health Care Policy please contact the TWU Wellness Centre at 604-513-2121 ext. 3622 or their website at