ID Course Credits
PMPP 201 PMPP 201 - Intro to Project Management

An introduction to project management concepts, principles, techniques, and tools. Topics include the five processes and nine knowledge areas of the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide, and an overview of PM software tools.

PMPP 302 PMPP 302 - Project Scope Management

A detailed examination of project management scope, time and cost management. The required management knowledge related to the successful management of project scope, time and costs are examined after a review of the critical knowledge area of project integration management.

PMPP 303 PMPP 303 - Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management is concerned with increasing the probability of the impact of positive risk and the minimization of the impact of negative risk to the successful completion of a project. Risk management includes the processes of risk management planning, risk identification, risk analysis, risk responses, and risk monitoring and controlling.