Code Course Credits
ANTH 302 ANTH 302 - Cross Cultural Communication

The nature of cross-cultural interaction, drawing attention both to the unexpected variations in other cultures as well as to the presuppositions from one's own culture that inhibit cross-cultural communication. The need to take into account the dynamic of constant cultural change is also emphasized.Cross-listed: COMM 302; LING 302.Prerequisite(s): ANTH 101 or instructor's consent. (0-0; 3-0)

Cross-listed: MCOM 372; LING 302

Prerequisite(s): ANTH 101 or instructor’s consent. (0-0; 3-0)

ART 361 ART 361 - Imaging and Illustration Design

An exploration of the conception, production and analysis of imagery in graphic communication design, including photos, illustrations, and graphic marks. Imagery-based problems are investigated in multiple design contexts and formats. Specialized rendering techniques, digital studio practices and iconographic style development are considered.Cross-listed: COMM 381.Prerequisite(s): ART 250 or COMM 230, and one of the following: COMM 112; COMM 212; ART 181, ART 182, or instructor's consent. (0-3 or 0-3)

ART 362 ART 362 - Symbol & Typography Design

An exploration of integrated conceptual thinking and formal experimentation with type and related symbol systems in graphic communications. Emphasis is placed on type as image, principles of typesetting, hierarchy, and structure. The complex interaction of type in relation to other graphic elements in multiple design contexts and formats is considered.

Cross-listed: MCOM 332

Prerequisite(s): ART 250 or MCOM 231, and one of the following: MCOM 111; MCOM 261; ART 181, ART 182, or instructor's consent. (0-3 or 0-3)

BUSI 111 BUSI 111 - Intro to Business & Management

Modern business is studied in its various aspects: economic and social setting, business classifications and financial requirements, business structure and functional areas, basic concepts and techniques, practices and responsibilities, and career opportunities in business.Prerequisite(s): None. (3-0; 3-0)

BUSI 280 BUSI 280 - Organizational Behaviour

The emphasis of the course is on building a set of conceptual and pragmatic skills useful in understanding and managing interactions among individuals and groups within organizations. By providing a knowledge base of organizational and managerial concepts, and by using cases, videos, exercises, and personal inventories, this course develops a student's analytical, diagnostic, and interpersonal skills.Prerequisite(s): BUSI 111 and second year standing. (3-0; 3-0)

BUSI 331 BUSI 331 - Basic Marketing

course began as BUSI 231

BUSI 335 BUSI 335 - Consumer Behaviour

This course explores the ways human beings think about buying the produces and services they need, want or desire in order to help the producers of products and service better design and deliever them. This understanding of what we term consumer behavoir is a fundamental key to all marketing decisions and programs as we seek to explore the psychology of the entire buying process from awareness of need to post-purchase evaluation. Students are exposed to numerous theories from psychology, sociology, economics, education, and marketing to explain why and how consumers buy the products and services they do.Prerequisite(s): BUSI 280: ECON 201 (3-0 or 3-0)

BUSI 435 BUSI 435 - Marketing Management

This course builds on the Basic Marketing course to deal with more advanced concepts and problems associated with the management of the marketing function. The development of problem-solving, teamwork, and effective communication skills are undertaken in the course primarily through the use of the case study method.Prerequisite(s): fourth year Business standing. (3-0 or 3-0)

BUSI 437 BUSI 437 - Advertising & Promotional Strategy

A study of advertising and promotional strategy. Promotional planning, the various media, the mechanics of advertising, ethics and advertising's role in modern society are all reviewed.Prerequisite(s): BUSI 231; third year standing. (3-0 or 3-0)

BUSI 484 BUSI 484 - Strategic Management

A capstone, integrative course that focuses on how firms formulate, implement, and evaluate strategies. Strategic management concepts and techniques; comprehensive strategic analyses of organizations.Prerequisite(s): BUSI 301, 342, 363, 377 and fourth year standing. (3-0; 3-0)

COMM 110 COMM 110 - Research & Wrtg for Communication

This writing-intensive course orients students to the demands of academic research and writing within the media and communication major. By course completion the diligent student should be able to write lucid, academic, and researched prose in the genres of cultural critique, scientific reporting, and term papers. Central to the course are the twin emphases of critical thinking strategies and research methods in the information age.NB: Required of all media and communication majors.Prerequisite(s): None. (0-0; 3-0)

COMM 211 COMM 211 - Public Speaking

This course covers the principles and skills of effective public speaking. It fosters an appreciation of the nature and uses of public speech-making including: surveys of the communication processes, ethical obligations, audience analysis, and principles of informative and persuasive speech-making. Participants develop and deliver several short speeches.NB: Fulfils departmental public speaking competency requirement.Prerequisite(s): None. (3-0 or 3-0)

COMM 215 COMM 215 - Intro to Leadership Communication

Leadership Communication introduces students to art, science and practice of influencing and being influenced by others in diverse contexts. The course explores the role of communication in building credibility, exercising power, motivating, ane expressing one's leadership style. It also considers the topics of followership, the ethics of leadership, leadership development, and leading in times of crisis. The course serves as a foundation for future studies in the leadership communicatoin stream within the Department of Media + Communicatoin.NB: Required of all leadership stream majors.Prerequisite(s): None. (3-0 or 3-0)

COMM 310 COMM 310 - Business and Technical Writing

This workshop course offers students effective techniques for written and oral communication within the fields of business and industry, including key aspects of technical correspondence, report writing, oral communication, and the job-seeking process.Prerequisite(s): ENGL 103, 104, and third or fourth year standing or instructor's consent; fulfills departmental writing competency requirement. (3-0 or 3-0)

COMM 351 COMM 351 - Communications Practicum

This practicum provides students with a work-and-learn experience in the field of communications, on or off campus. In addition to their work experience, practica students meet regularly as a class to discuss workplace issues, communication challenges, and assignments.NB: Open only to Communication majors, concentrations, and minors and students working with student media (i.e., student newspaper, student yearbook, student video yearbook). Only 3 sem. hrs. apply toward the major; others go to electives for a maximum total of 8 sem. hrs.Communications Practicum courses are pass/fail courses.Prerequisite(s): Second year standing or above.

COMM 411 COMM 411 - Media, Culture, and Criticism

A seminar investigating the cultural environment in which we live as the context of all communication. Selected media within contemporary culture are explored in terms of their contribution to the postmodern age.NB: Fulfils departmental theory and criticism competency requirement.Prerequisite(s): Third or fourth year standing. (0-0; 3-0)

COMM 413 COMM 413 - Public Relations Writing

An advanced course that focuses on the style and technique of writing for public relations and corporate communications. Students discover the dynamics of strategic and persuasive writing while creating key pieces such as brochures, ads, newsletters, and press releases. Opportunity is given to create a communications package for a public relations client.Prerequisite(s): COMM 212 or 213, or instructor's consent. (0-0; 3-0)

COMM 430 COMM 430 - Persuasive Communication

This course investigates the art, science, and practice of persuasive communication in its many forms and contexts. It examines theories and research in human influence and how language, images, and non-verbal cues can mold people's attitudes and actions. There is opportunity to carry out a social science project in interpersonal or mediated persuasion, and to seriously consider the ethical implications of one's persuasive efforts.Fulfills departmental theory and criticism requirement.Prerequisite(s): COMM 111 and at least third year standing.

COMM 470 COMM 470 - Feature Writing for News & Magazine

Building on skills developed in COMM 212 or 270, students study the best in magazine and newspaper feature writing and produce several pieces of their own with the intent of publishing their work.Prerequisite(s): COMM 212 or 270; ENGL 103, 104, and third or fourth year standing. (3-0; 0-0)

ECON 201 ECON 201 - Principles of Microeconomics

A fundamental understanding of how economists view the world, how people make decisions, and how people interact with one another. Basic economic analysis of consumers' behaviour, firms' production behaviour, and market equilibrium. Graphical analysis.Prerequisite(s): Second year standing. (3-0; 3-0)

MCOM 371 MCOM 371 - Relational Communicaton

This course provides an in-depth look at communication in close relationships. The course begins with models of relational communication and proceeds with self- and other perceptions, verbal and nonverbal strategies and rituals, then the larger processes of communication in developing, sustaining, struggling, and ending relationships. Three featured topics include the role of conflict, verbal abuse, and personal style as factors in close relationships.NB: Fulfils departmental human communication competency requirement.Prerequisite(s): Second year standing. (3-0 ; 0-0)


New courses to be added in Fall 2020.

RELS 5XX (361) History of Christianity I 3 CT
RELS 5XX (362) History of Christianity II 3 CT
RELS 5XX (465) Influential Thinkers in the Christian Tradition 3 CT
RELS 5XX (466) The Church Fathers 3 CT
RELS 5XX (467) The Theology of Karl Barth 3 CT
RELS 5XX (475) Christianity and Culture 3 CT
RELS 5XX (476) Christian Worldviews in Historical and Cultural Context 3 CT
RELS 5XX (477) New Testament Canon: Development and Theology 3 NT, CT
RELS 5XX (381) Contemporary Christianity 3 CT
RELS 6XX History of Christian Doctrine 3 CT
RELS 6XX Early & Mediaveal Christian Thought 3 CT
RELS 6XX Reformation Thought 3 CT
RELS 6XX Modern Christian Thought 3 CT
RELS 6XX Method in Theology 3 NT, CT
RELS 6XX Theologies of Liberation 3 CT
RELS 6XX Special Topics in Christian Thought 3 CT
RELS 6XX Major Paper 5 OT, NT, CT, BRL, BB