Course Credits
COMM 308 COMM 308 - Playwriting

A course in the art of structuring action and dialogue for the stage. Students study dramatic theory and workshop an original one-act play that is submitted in an approved format by the end of term. Plays from the class may be selected for staged readings.Cross-listed: THTR 325.Prerequisite(s): Upper level standing. (0-0; 3-0)

THTR 130 THTR 130 - Introduction to Theatre

This course examines theatre as a living art form, seeking to enhance students' enjoyment of the theatre experience. Students gain an appreciation for and understanding of practical, theoretical, and historical aspects of theatre, the genres of dramatic literature, and the practitioners of theatre arts. The course includes guest artist sessions, involvement in production, and attendance at theatre performances.Prerequisite(s): None. (3-0; 0-0)

THTR 161 THTR 161 - Acting I-Foundations of Acting

An introductory course orienting students toward open and aggressive participation in performance, utilizing theatre games, exercises, and improvisational techniques to remove barriers inhibiting free expression. This study includes an introduction to: objectives and actions, relationship and role play, the language of the theatre, relaxation and concentration, teamwork and listening skills, understanding environment and effective use of voice and body.NB: Attendance at theatre performances is required.Prerequisite(s): None. (3-0; 0-0)

THTR 162 THTR 162 - Acting I-The Actor's Process

Introduction to scene study and character development. Students learn the building blocks of effective acting by applying foundational acting theory to improvisation, scenes, and monologues. Students are expected to offer thoughtful critique of others' work, a vital part of the learning process.NB: Attendance at theatre performances is required.Prerequisite(s): THTR 161. (0-0; 3-0)

THTR 261 THTR 261 - Acting II-Scene Study

Students apply principles learned in Acting I to the preparation and presentation of scenes from contemporary plays. Script analysis, character development, subtext, action, and objective are explored through personalized coaching.Prerequisite(s): THTR 161, 162. (3-0; 0-0)

THTR 262 THTR 262 - Acting II-Advanced Scene Study

A continuation of THTR 261, students work to access and express the emotional lives of characters through natural, truthful behaviour.Prerequisite(s): THTR 161, 162; 261. (0-0; 3-0)

THTR 275 THTR 275 - Voice and Movement II

A continuation of the work begun in THTR 175, this course encourages students to further develop their physical and vocal instruments, seeking deeper exploration and more creative expression.Prerequisite(s): THTR 161. (3-0 or 3-0)

THTR 321 THTR 321 - Directing

A study of the art and practice of directing, this course begins with an understanding of the director's role and an appreciation for the traits of successful directors. Students read basic directing theory, analyze play scripts, direct scenes, and critique the work of other directors. Activities are designed to develop students' communication and conceptualization skills, aesthetic sense, and critical faculties. Students have opportunity to observe directors at work, on campus and in the professional theatre, and to attend guest lectures by professional directors.NB: Attendance at outside performances required.Prerequisite(s): THTR 130, 162 and upper level standing; or instructor's consent. (3-0; 0-0)

THTR 331 THTR 331 - Theatre History I: Origins to 1660

A survey of world theatre history, this course begins with the Greeks and concludes with the seventeenth century work of the English Renaissance theatre, continental Neo-classical theatre, and Asian classical theatre at the time of Chikamatsu. Students also read representative period plays, read theory and criticism of each period, and attend classic theatre performances.NB: Attendance at theatre performances is required. Not offered every year. See Department chair.Prerequisite(s): THTR 130, SAMC 111 and 112. (0-0; 3-0)

THTR 332 THTR 332 - Theatre History II: 1660 to Present

A survey of world theatre history, this course examines the development of modern theatre through the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries, concluding with the contemporary international theatre of the early 21st century. It includes special sessions on the history of Canadian theatre and the international development of opera and dance as theatre art forms.NB: Attendance at theatre performances is required. Not offered every year. See Department chair.Prerequisite(s): THTR 130, SAMC 111 and 112. (0-0; 3-0)

THTR 341 THTR 341 - Shakespeare I

An intensive study of selected works by William Shakespeare situated in their Elizabethan and Jacobean contexts. Works studied may include the sonnets, the history plays, Henry IV and Henry V; the comedies, A Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It; the problem play, Measure for Measure; and the tragedies, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, and Macbeth.NB: Not offered every semester. See Department chair. Cross-listed: ENGL 351.Prerequisite(s): 9 sem. hrs. of English and third or fourth year standing or instructor's consent. (3-0 or 3-0)

THTR 343 THTR 343 - Canadian Drama

A survey of Canadian plays. Students engage in detailed analyses of dramatic texts: their structures, historical/cultural contexts and production histories. In addition to readings, papers, presentations, and in-class discussions, students are required to attend and report on a current production of a Canadian play (provided such a production occurs during the semester).NB: Not offered every year.Cross-listed: ENGL 393.Prerequisite(s): ENGL 103, 104; third or fourth year standing or instructor's consent.

THTR 361 THTR 361 - Acting III-Styles of Acting

An advanced scene-study class exploring acting styles of various historical periods with a view towards presentation to contemporary audiences.NB: Not offered every year. See Department chair.Prerequisite(s): THTR 161, 162; 261, 262, 275. (3-0 or 3-0)

THTR 362 THTR 362 - Acting III-Shakespeare

An advanced scene-study class exploring Shakespeare in performance. Students are expected to carefully analyze assigned Shakespearean texts as part of their preparation.NB: Not offered every year.Prerequisite(s): THTR 161, 162; 261, 262, 275. (3-0 or 3-0)

THTR 480 THTR 480 - Chrisitianity and Theatre

A retrospective of the 2000-year relationship between the Christian church and the theatre as institutions. The concepts of 'the wicked stage,' the stage as a 'moral institution,' 'Proteanism,' and the paradox of both public fascination with actors and the distrust of them. An exploration of such topics as expressed by theoreticians such as Plato and Aristotle, Aquinas and Beltrame, Rousseau and Voltaire, and Artaud and Grotowski. A major paper on the integration of faith and theatre art is required. Required for Theatre majors.NB: A required course for Theatre majors.Prerequisite(s): THTR 130; 231; third or fourth year standing. (3-0 or 3-0)


*Program subject to final approval by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education