The Tempest

March 17 - 28


Nothing is quite what it seems...

One storm rages on the sea. Another storm rages within. After Prospera's dukedom in Milan is seized by her sister, she and her daughter Miranda are left for dead, marooned in the middle of the sea. Twelve years later, a ship appears on the horizon of their mystical island carrying those who robbed Prospera of her throne. Using her magical powers to conjure a fierce storm, Prospera wrecks the ship, strands her enemies, and relishes her opportunity for revenge. As the ship-wrecked wanderers encounter the spirits and magic of the island, Prospera struggles to balance her desires for exacting revenge and finding peace. Is she capable of mercy or will she give in to her tempestuous rage?

Mischief, mystery, and mayhem set the stage for one of Shakespeare's final masterpieces, where spirits roam, reality is elusive, and illusion abounds. 

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Tuesday – Saturday 7:30 PM  | Saturday matinees 2 PM
High School Night Special Thursday, March 26 @ 6pm. Register here

Freedom Hall, Robert N. Thompson Building, Trinity Western University

Starring Cassiel Cao, Lani-Marie Carbonel, Amanda Haggett, Emmett Hanly, Amaris Henry, Tasha Magnan, Jennifer Mamchur, Nyssa Morgan, Emma Selle, Braedon Sunnes, Emma Wiebe, Annie Zander
Director Kate Muchmore Woo  Set Design Kris Dietrich
Lighting Design Lora-Lynne Hanley Sound Design Elizabeth Trottier
Stage Management Cathy Morehouse, Ysabelle Hohn, Maddi Willoughby