New generations

January 28 - February 1


Student created. Student directed. Students unleashed!

An always-lively, always entertaining festival of emerging talent in which students direct and perform scripts written by other students.

by Amanda Haggett, directed by Jennifer Mamchur

An arsonist, a pickpocket, and a streaker walk into a sushi restaurant... Complete with chicken strips, knitted owls, and a dozen Shrek references, this crew of unlikely criminals will leave you wondering just how crazy a support group can get!

by Emmett Hanly & Sam Hanly, directed by Amanda Haggett

Somewhere out in the middle of nowhere lies the dingy and mysterious Reach Motel. It's the place you go where no one can find you... or you hope no one can find you. A bizarre, surreal comedy that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

by Nyssa Morgan, directed by Rachel Van Vliet

Penny can't sleep, Graham is hiding a talent, and they are both running from their pasts. Will their secrets break them, or can confession heal a burdened heart?

Looking for more details about the content and length of the show? Find it here.

Tuesday – Saturday 7:30 PM  | Saturday matinee 2 PM

Festival Stage Manager Hannah Gallandt
Cast includes Hailey Armstrong, Logan Betsworth, Talitha Fagan, Colin Gottwald, Ben Meadows, Delaney Scholz, Mal Siemens, Mackenzie Sly, Becca Stribbell, Alex Walker, Caleb Wolf