The Management of the Growing Enterprise specialization has an entrepreneurial focus which teaches students that the highest goal of business is not only to create profit, but also to ethically generate and manage society's resources.

Students taking this specialization combine their self-driven skills with business fundamentals that allow students to develop a business from the ground up or to enhance their current business enterprise.

Introduced with a Christian worldview, this specialization allows students to focus on how to start a social enterprise that’s rooted in social improvement motivations.

Throughout the program, students create business models, work through case studies about raising venture capital and navigate the legal challenges of a growing business.


Designed for working professionals, the Management of the Growing Enterprise specialization is offered in a 21-month blended format.

Core courses, required of all MBA students, are taught face-to-face in the classroom at the beautiful TWU Langley campus. Classes for the Management of the Growing Enterprise specialization are delivered during a three-week residency in August, then one week in June in Year One, followed by another three-week residency in August and two short three-day residencies (early January and late April) in Year Two. The week-long concentrated sessions, include about 35 hours of classroom time, and are bracketed by preparation and completion work before and after students arrive on campus utilizing online and distance technologies. These residencies offer the value of face-to-face learning and networking with instructors and fellow professionals.

Five online, interactive courses in the student’s area of specialization offered during the fall (September to December) and spring (January to April) semesters give students the flexibility they need to continue their career while enhancing it.

The Management of the Growing Enterprise specialization begins with on-campus classes at the beginning of August in Year One. The program concludes 21 months later at the end of April.