The Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies is a 15-semester hour (five course) program designed for students who already hold a Bachelor’s degree in any area and who would like to pursue graduate level studies in Bible and related areas. Students learn from graduate faculty who are experienced and enthusiastic teachers, scholars, and mentors.


The Certificate is well-suited for a range of graduate students; for example:

  • Those wanting further biblical studies in support of their vocation and ministry, such as in church-related, parachurch, and Christian organizations and agencies
  • Christian teachers seeking a specialization for teaching Bible and/or advanced qualifications for professional development
  • Individuals who, while continuing in their current roles or professions, wish to undertake formal study of the Bible for personal interest
  • Those considering graduate biblical studies at the M.A. level


The program is designed to enable students to engage the primary sources and scholarly literature; and to undertake and communicate independent research, within a community of scholars. Students are taught and learn in ways that promote knowledge and understanding; wholeness and spiritual formation; social responsibility and global engagement. And they are equipped as leaders in biblical studies within the church, education, and public life.


  • BA in any discipline with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • RELS 101 (Introduction to Old Testament Studies) and RELS 102 (Introduction to New Testament Studies) or equivalent, or challenge exam.


Successful completion of 15 semester hours (five courses) in biblical studies with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

With an advisor, a planned program of study including one of the following concentrations:

  1. Old Testament (OT)
  2. New Testament (NT)
  3. Biblical Backgrounds (BB)
  4. Biblical and Related Languages (BRL)

The program will include the following:

  • 9 semester hours (three courses) in the area of concentration
  • 6 semester hours (two additional courses) not already taken

The number of any 600-level courses will be determined by the adviser and the student, depending on the student’s background and preparedness.

Students must complete the program within five years.


Courses are offered during the Fall and Spring terms. They are taken in one of three formats:

  • In upper level undergraduate classes, taken at the 500 graduate level
  • As directed studies, at the 500 or 600 (MA) level
  • In classes at the 600 (MA) level

See below for the course list. Not all courses are offered each term or year.


Faculty. The program faculty includes at least nine full-time biblical studies specialists with relevant doctoral qualifications and strong publishing records.

Library. The TWU library’s collection of in print and online resources is very strong, and readily meets the needs of students taking biblical studies courses at the graduate level.


Applications can be made at any time, online at and requires a brief statement, two reference letters, transcripts; and, if possible, a writing sample.


The tuition rate for 2016-2017 is $680 per credit hour


General inquiries regarding the Certificate in Biblical Studies may be directed to Graduate Admissions Office - School of Graduate Studies.

For further assistance with questions relating to content, please contact the director of the program, Dr. Craig Allert.


RELS 245/5XX Elementary Biblical Hebrew and Exegesis 3 BRL, OT, BB 500 level number to be assigned.
RELS 336/5XX Elementary Biblical Hebrew and Exegesis 3 BRL, OT, BB. 500-level number to be assigned.
RELS 235/5XX Elementary New Testament Greek 3 BRL, NT, BB. 500-level number to be assigned.
RELS 329/5XX Elementary New Testament Greek 3 BRL, NT, BB. 500-level number to be assigned.
RELS 300/500 Principles of Biblical Interpretation 3 OT, NT
RELS 311/511 History of Ancient Israel 3 OT, BB
RELS 415/515 Intertestamental Literature 3 BB
RELS 320/520 Dead Sea Scrolls 3 BB
RELS 423/523 Apocalyptic Literature 3 NT
RELS 425/525 Pauline Theology 3 NT
RELS 430/530 New Testament and the Greco-Roman World 3 NT, BB
RELS 331/531 Readings in the Greek New Testament 3 BRL, NT, BB
RELS 332/532 Readings in the Greek New Testament 3 BRL, NT, BB
RELS 337/537 Readings in the Hebrew Bible 3 BRL, OT, BB
RELS 338/538 Readings in the Hebrew Bible 3 BRL, OT, BB
RELS 340/540 Issues in Biblical Theology 3 OT, NT
RELS 341/541 The Pentateuch 3 OT
RELS 342/542 Psalms and Wisdom Literature 3 OT
RELS 446/546 Hebrew Prophets 3 OT
RELS 448/548 Ancient Near East and Old Testament 3 OT, BB
RELS 449/549 Old Testament Seminar 3 OT
RELS 477/577 New Testament Canon: Development and Theology 3 NT
RELS 351/551 Life and Teachings of Jesus 3 NT
RELS 352/552 Life and Letters of Paul 3 NT
RELS 453/553 The Synoptic Gospels and Acts 3 NT
RELS 454/554 The Johannine Writings 3 NT
RELS 456/556 New Testament Seminar 3 NT
RELS 611 Advanced Old Testament Exegesis 3 NT
RELS 612 Advanced Old Testament Seminar 3 NT
RELS 621 Advanced New Testament Exegesis 3 NT
RELS 622 Advanced New Testament Seminar 3 NT
RELS 631 The Deuteronomistic History 3 OT
RELS 632 Historical Jesus 3 NT
RELS 633 Themes of the Pentateuch 3 OT
RELS 634 Mark 3 NT
RELS 640 Advanced Greek Readings 3 BRL
RELS 641 Isaiah 3 OT
RELS 642 Romans 3 NT
RELS 643 Psalms 3 OT
RELS 644 John 3 NT
RELS 647 The Dead Sea Scrolls 3 BB
RELS 648 Advanced Greek Studies 3 BRL
RELS 649 Rabbinic Literature 3 BRL, BB
RELS 650 Introduction to Biblical Archaeology 3 BB
RELS 652 Syriac 3 BRL
RELS 655 Introduction to Aramaic 3 BRL
RELS 656 Readings in Aramaic 3 BRL
RELS 658 Mishnaic and Qumranic Hebrew 3 BRL
RELS 670 Pre-Nicene Christianity 3 NT
RELS 671 Development of Christian Doctrine 3 NT
RELS 680 Additional Topics 3
  • Not all courses are offered each term or year.