Course Credits
EDUC 540 EDUC 540 - Christian Approach-Teachng/Pedagogy

An examination of the theory and practice of teaching and pedagogy, including: the nature of teaching; a biblical framework for understanding and implementing teaching and learning; the classroom context for teaching and learning; the relationship between teaching and a teacher's personal, professional, and spiritual growth; theories of instruction and distinctively Christian approaches to instruction; and a taxonomy of teaching strategies.NB: Summer sessions only.Prerequisite(s): Undergraduate degree in Education.

EDUC 545 EDUC 545 - Christian Approach-Assessmt & Evalu

An understanding of assessment and its implementation as an integral part of the curriculum planning. How the purpose of an assessment must fit with the assessment strategy employed. Distinctions between diagnostic assessment, assessment for learning, assessment of learning, and assessment as learning. The interpretation of assessment results in order to shape current and future teaching and learning activities. Clear and accurate communication of the results of assessment for particular audiences.NB: Summer sessions only.Prerequisite(s): Undergraduate degree in Education.

EDUC 624 EDUC 624 - Instructional Ldrship & Supervision

A review of the role of principals and other educational leaders in a healthy professional learning community whose climate sustains effective student and teacher growth. Strategies for building positive school cultures. The formation of an integrated model for continuous staff development. The supervision and evaluation of school personnel on the basis of principles of Christian servant leadership and current supervision paradigms. Effective methods of staff selection, induction, development, and where necessary, dismissal.Cross-listed: LDRS 624E.