Course Credits
HKIN 101 HKIN 101 - Physical Conditioning 1.00
HKIN 102 HKIN 102 - Run for Fun 1.00
HKIN 103 HKIN 103 - Weight Training 1.00
HKIN 104 HKIN 104 - Fitness for Living (Women) 1.00
HKIN 105 HKIN 105 - Self-Defense for Women 1.00
HKIN 107 HKIN 107 - Advanced Weight Training 1.00
HKIN 108 HKIN 108 - Martial Arts 1.00
HKIN 120 HKIN 120 - Rock Climbing 1.00
HKIN 121 HKIN 121 - Hiking 1.00
HKIN 124 HKIN 124 - Downhill Skiing 1.00
HKIN 125 HKIN 125 - Snowboarding 1.00
HKIN 135 HKIN 135 - Ropes Course

Students will actively participate in ropes course training, become knowledgeable of safety issues, and develop expertise in an outdoor Ropes Course environment. Both low and high rope course elements will be utilized in providing physical activities and experiential learning focusing on developing trust, communication, and team work skills.

HKIN 136 HKIN 136 - Outdoor Pursuits I 1.00
HKIN 137 HKIN 137 - Outdoor Pursuits II 1.00
HKIN 143 HKIN 143 - Badminton 1.00
HKIN 144 HKIN 144 - Tennis 1.00
HKIN 145 HKIN 145 - Golf 1.00
HKIN 161 HKIN 161 - Basketball 1.00
HKIN 162 HKIN 162 - Volleyball 1.00
HKIN 163 HKIN 163 - Soccer 1.00
HKIN 191 HKIN 191 - Introduction to Exercise Physiology

Applied study of exercise factors: the cardiovascular system, anthropometry, nutrition, and environmental conditions. Emphasis on assessment and prescription in laboratory sessions.Prerequisite(s): None. (3-1; 0-0)

HKIN 195 HKIN 195 - Foundations of Human Kinetics

An introductory overview of the fields of Human Kinetics and sport with an emphasis on the basic knowledge necessary for leadership positions or careers in these fields. Current issues and future developments. Integration of biblical perspectives in Human Kinetics and sport.Prerequisite(s): None. (3-0; 0-0)

HKIN 295 HKIN 295 - Contemporary Issues in Health

An introduction to health education: stress management, nutrition, weight control, medicines and drugs, substance abuse, reproduction, pregnancy, infectious diseases, cancer, and health care systems.Prerequisite(s): Any Human Kinetics theory course. (0-0; 3-0)

HKIN 325 HKIN 325 - Socio-Cul & Phil Issues in Sport

An examination of the sociological, cultural, and philosophical dynamics of sport and the way that sport has become a significant socializing agent of society and culture. Sport issues and controversies are explored in depth to assist the human kinetics practitioner in applying critical thinking and critical decision-making in the realm of sport and physical activity.Cross-listed: SOCI 325.Prerequisite(s): Third year standing. (3-0; 0-0)

HKIN 330 HKIN 330 - Aquatics

Practical physical principles of stroke mechanics, basic aquatic first aid and emergency procedures, and life-saving fitness.NB: Offered every other year.Prerequisite(s): None. (0-0; 1-2)

HKIN 342 HKIN 342 - Creative Movement

Students are introduced to the theoretical and practical application of dance through technique, improvisation, and choreographic principles in order to develop a movement vocabulary. Emphasis will be given to teaching techniques and the choreographic process through the principles of design, space, dynamics and relationship of form to content. Students will be given a practical introduction to dance appropriate in physical education programs. Opportunity will be given to explore and develop movement as an expressive and artistic language through individual and group work. The class will draw on human experience, faith experience, music, story, parable and scripture as a jumping off point for improvisation. A philosophical and biblical foundation for the integration of movement in education will be examined. The concepts of context and intention will be explored through viewing, participating in, and analyzing various forms of dance.

Prerequisite(s): Third year standing.

HKIN 365 HKIN 365 - Technological Applic in Sport

A study of computers, technology, information systems, electronic research, communication, distance education, video conferencing, and specific software packages related to the sport and recreation domain.Prerequisite(s): Third year standing. (0-0; 3-1)

HKIN 370 HKIN 370 - Biomechanics

An applied study of the mechanical and anatomical components of human movement with special attention to the analysis of movement problems.Prerequisite(s): HKIN 198, BIOL 241, and third year standing. (3-1; 0-0)

HKIN 372 HKIN 372 - Athletic Injuries

The theory and practice of the prevention, assessment, management, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Emergency care, nutrition, and taping skills.Prerequisite(s): BIOL 241 or instructor's consent; third year standing. (0-0; 3-1)