Code Course Credits
HKIN 191 HKIN 191 - Introduction to Exercise Physiology

Applied study of exercise factors: the cardiovascular system, anthropometry, nutrition, and environmental conditions. Emphasis on assessment and prescription in laboratory sessions.Prerequisite(s): None. (3-1; 0-0)

HKIN 195 HKIN 195 - Foundations of Human Kinetics

An introductory overview of the fields of Human Kinetics and sport with an emphasis on the basic knowledge necessary for leadership positions or careers in these fields. Current issues and future developments. Integration of biblical perspectives in Human Kinetics and sport.Prerequisite(s): None. (3-0; 0-0)

HKIN 276 HKIN 276 - Psycho-motor Learning

An examination of concepts and the practice of learning motor skills and a theoretical basis for developing effective motor skill learning and teaching strategies.Prerequisite(s): None. (3-1; 0-0)

HKIN 295 HKIN 295 - Contemporary Issues in Health

An introduction to health education: stress management, nutrition, weight control, medicines and drugs, substance abuse, reproduction, pregnancy, infectious diseases, cancer, and health care systems.Prerequisite(s): Any Human Kinetics theory course. (0-0; 3-0)

HKIN 303 HKIN 303 - Advanced Strength Training

Students experience an in-depth study of the theoretical foundations and practical applications of strength training and program development. This course focuses on the neuromuscular/biomechanical basis of strength training: adaptations to resistance training; systems of strength development; and program design variables.NB: HKIN 103 or 107 can be taken simultaneously.Prerequisite(s): HKIN 103 or 107, 191, 198; BIOL 241, and third year standing. (0-0; 3-1)

HKIN 325 HKIN 325 - Socio-Cul & Phil Issues in Sport

An examination of the sociological, cultural, and philosophical dynamics of sport and the way that sport has become a significant socializing agent of society and culture. Sport issues and controversies are explored in depth to assist the human kinetics practitioner in applying critical thinking and critical decision-making in the realm of sport and physical activity.Cross-listed: SOCI 325.Prerequisite(s): Third year standing. (3-0; 0-0)

HKIN 340 HKIN 340 - Psychology of Sport

The need for and purpose of psychology in sport and physical activity. An examination of the research focusing on psychological and social psychological factors influencing athletic and motor performance.Cross-listed: PSYC 360.Prerequisite(s): Third year standing. (0-0; 3-0)

HKIN 365 HKIN 365 - Technological Applic in Sport

A study of computers, technology, information systems, electronic research, communication, distance education, video conferencing, and specific software packages related to the sport and recreation domain.Prerequisite(s): Third year standing. (0-0; 3-1)

HKIN 370 HKIN 370 - Biomechanics

An applied study of the mechanical and anatomical components of human movement with special attention to the analysis of movement problems.Prerequisite(s): HKIN 198, BIOL 241, and third year standing. (3-1; 0-0)

HKIN 372 HKIN 372 - Athletic Injuries

The theory and practice of the prevention, assessment, management, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Emergency care, nutrition, and taping skills.Prerequisite(s): BIOL 241 or instructor's consent; third year standing. (0-0; 3-1)

HKIN 446 HKIN 446 - Advanced Human Anatomy

An indepth study of human anatomy with a focus on the appendicular and axial skeleton, upper and lower body muscle: identification, origin, insertion and function, vascular and neural supply, surface anatomy and joint structure.

HKIN 470 HKIN 470 - Exercise Physiology

An applied study of the effects of exercise on body systems as related to the functional capacity of individual systems to maximal human performance. Principles and methods of conducting and developing physical exercise and training programs.NB: Offered every other year.Prerequisite(s): HKIN 191, 198; BIOL 241, or instructor's consent; third year standing. (3-1; 0-0)

HKIN 495 HKIN 495 - Senior Seminar

A course offered on topics of current interest in sport performance and Human Kinetics. Under supervision of faculty, students conduct a careful review of the literature on a topic of their choice and prepare a substantial paper. Final student papers are presented in the form of an oral presentation.Prerequisite(s): Fourth year standing plus 12 sem. hrs. of HKIN theory. (0-0; 3-0)


New courses to be added in Fall 2020.

RELS 5XX (361) History of Christianity I 3 CT
RELS 5XX (362) History of Christianity II 3 CT
RELS 5XX (465) Influential Thinkers in the Christian Tradition 3 CT
RELS 5XX (466) The Church Fathers 3 CT
RELS 5XX (467) The Theology of Karl Barth 3 CT
RELS 5XX (475) Christianity and Culture 3 CT
RELS 5XX (476) Christian Worldviews in Historical and Cultural Context 3 CT
RELS 5XX (477) New Testament Canon: Development and Theology 3 NT, CT
RELS 5XX (381) Contemporary Christianity 3 CT
RELS 6XX History of Christian Doctrine 3 CT
RELS 6XX Early & Mediaveal Christian Thought 3 CT
RELS 6XX Reformation Thought 3 CT
RELS 6XX Modern Christian Thought 3 CT
RELS 6XX Method in Theology 3 NT, CT
RELS 6XX Theologies of Liberation 3 CT
RELS 6XX Special Topics in Christian Thought 3 CT
RELS 6XX Major Paper 5 OT, NT, CT, BRL, BB