Why Trinity Western University’s School of Law?

Trinity Western University’s proposed School of Law will serve Canadians by offering the first Juris Doctor program of its kind in the country.

A faith-based perspective

TWU will offer Canada’s first faith-based law school, providing the top-notch, transformational education that TWU has already become known for through graduates of our programs in nursingbusinesseducation,psychology and more.

Some of the best U.S. law schools are faith-based, including Notre Dame, Boston College and Baylor. Additionally, much of the Western legal system is founded on Judeo-Christian values and principles. Faith-based law schools give students the opportunity to gain a broader perspective on the history and evolution of the law, benefit from a Christian learning community, and enhance their professional and ethical standards as lawyers.

Private education

There is increasing demand for legal education across Canada. TWU’s School of Law will help meet this demand by delivering the kind of exceptional education for which private schools around the world are known. As Canada’s only private law school, it will cost the taxpayers nothing—something we think is a significant contribution to this country's higher education offerings.

A focus on non-profit, charity, entrepreneurial and small-business law

Non-profit organizations employ a full 20 per cent of Canada’s workforce. These entities need specialized legal services due to unique legal requirements in governance, human rights, employment, and taxation. Yet no law school in Canada focuses on charity law—some schools don’t even offer a course on charity law. TWU’s School of Law will fill this vital need.

TWU’s School of Law will also serve entrepreneurs and small businesses. The requirement for specialized legal expertise in these areas is particularly acute in British Columbia's Fraser Valley and surrounding area, where much of the growth along this corridor is comprised of small, growing businesses.