Booking information

Testing is currently available on select weekdays in the afternoon, with available time slots shown on our online calendar (at the link below).  All bookings are handled through our online calendar, and all bookings are made by the test taker.


  • Please note that we are closed on public holidays, and other closures (such as for professional development) will be reflected on the online calendar. 
  • For information about time limits, please see here.
  • For information on Cancellations and Changes, please see below.

Online calendar

Our booking module will display an online calendar with available dates. Please click here to request an appointment date on our booking module online.


  • Please check your email right away for a message confirming that we've received your booking request.  If this confirmation is not received within 5 minutes, please attempt the booking request again. If a confirmation email is still not sent, then please, as it may mean that your booking did not get placed in the system. Please be sure not to mark the confirmation and reminder emails as spam.
  • *IMPORTANT: If you use an alternate or maiden name, please see the note in the Sign-in/Testing/Payment section regarding your booking name, your ID name, and your school registration name all matching.

Multiple bookings/cancellations/changes

We kindly ask that test-writers refrain from bulk-booking followed by repeated cancellations, since this blocks other test writers from being able to book a space before the booking cut-off time.

Cancellations / Changes

Your university may require you to obtain special permission or charge you a fee to postpone your test date if it exceeds their deadline, so please be sure to consult your school for their policy first.

Cancellations and changes can be made by using the link in the email confirmation which you received when you originally booked, but we do kindly ask clients to refrain from repeated or last-minute cancellations/changes, since this affects others' ability to book.

For emergency cancellations on the day of the exam, please feel free to simply email if this is more convenient.  In addition to emailing, you may also wish to leave a message at the TWU Extension front desk (604) 513 - 2067.