Important note about timing

Please order your exam in advance so that it can arrive at the Test Centre at latest 1 week before your scheduled date

Please note that we may need to cancel or postpone appointment bookings in cases where an exam is still not received 1 week prior to a scheduled test date. 

It is the test taker's responsibility to order the exam from the exam-sending school, and the test taker's responsibility to confirm that the exam has arrived at the test centre on time. 

If tracking paper-based exams sent with a tracking number, there will be a 1-business-day delay between the package showing as "arrived" (at our mailroom), and when we receive it at the test centre building.

Please contact your exam provider to have your exam sent to the following:

For computer-based tests:

Please request your exam provider to send your test access to

For paper-based tests:

Your exam provider may wish to send us an electronic form (.pdf or .doc) of your test for us to print, and may do so by sending it to

If your exam provider will physically send your paper-based test, please request that your paper-based test is mailed to:

Test Centre at TWU Extension
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC   V2Y 1Y1

Please note that this is the mailing address for the Campus Mailroom, and not the exact physical location of the Test Centre
For driving directions and a campus map to find the Test Centre's building within TWU's campus, please click here.

Return postage for paper-based exams

Most schools will typically cover the postage for sending an exam to us.  Please note for return postage that it is the responsibility of your school or yourself to provide a postage-paid envelope for us to securely return your exam.  Please confirm with your school whether or not you will need to provide the postage-paid return envelope.  Thanks!


For contact information, please let your exam provider know that all correspondence may be directed to:

If a contact name/invigilator name is required, please include:

Jonathon Rempel, Exam Invigilator

(at the same email address,

If your test provider requires a phone number, please provide the following number:

(604) 513 - 2067 [Test writers: This is the number to the TWU Extension front desk.  If calling or leaving a message at this number, please always leave an email address which you may be reached at.  Since Test Centre staff are often supervising a test session, emailing will be the best way to be in touch, and provides a great way to keep track of details.  If you forget to leave an email address when you call, please email it to us at]

If your test provider requires a fax number, please provide the following number:

(604) 513 - 2060 [Please ask the test provider to include an email address in all fax correspondence since documents will not be returned via fax].


Some schools/tests allow a calculator or a "cheat sheet", so be sure to check the notice which the school sent to you after you ordered your exam.  Always read the instructions/expectations which your school sends.

A note to TWU Independent Studies ("IS") students

In most cases your test will automatically be provided to us by your advisor at TWU, but we require your professor's approval in order to provide the exam to you on your date.  When requesting permission from your professor to write your exam, please ask your TWU professor to "Cc:" with her/his approval so that we receive the approval email directly from your professor's email account (rather than forwarded through a student email account).  Since this email will be used to keep track of your test details, it will be helpful to have in the subject line of the email, if possible, your first and last name, full course code, and test type (Ex.: Jane Gill, Math 190 IS, Midterm).