Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your exam time.

Valid government photo ID (original, not a copy) is required before entering the exam session.

Please see below for common problems with photo ID.


Payment is accepted at the end of the exam session, paid in cash to the test supervisor before exiting the testing room.

Our current exam fees are $20 per hour (or per portion of an hour), except in cases where your school pays the exam sitting fee for you (e.g., FVDES, TWU Independent Studies, RRU.)

A $60 flat-rate may be charged (for up to 3 hours) for special arrangements, rather than an hourly fee.

We accept cash only and ask that you provide exact change, as change is not available. 

Rates may be subject to change without notice.

A receipt will be issued for tax purposes.

Entry and Time limits:

The norm is that tests have a 3-hour time limit, but please consult your school's info regarding the time limit for each particular test (some tests have a 1.5hr or 2hr time limit, for example).

The test session will be counted from the beginning of the appointment time, and end at the 3-hour mark.  Additional time is not allowed beyond this point, or beyond the time limit of each test (example 2 hrs). 

Schools often send instructions to us that late entry at the beginning of the test (due to an incident) is not allowed beyond the 30-minute mark, and that additional time at the end of the test (to compensate for late entry) is not allowed. 

In all cases, we do ask test takers to arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled exam time since it is important to complete sign-in, announcements, washroom use at the main office before entering the exam room together as one group.

Exam materials:

All writing instruments and calculators (if allowed) must be supplied by the student, except for scrap paper (please see note below).

Scrap paper is provided by the Test Centre but must be returned when signing out, as this is considered by your school to be an "exam material".

Some schools/tests allow a calculator or cheat sheet, so be sure to check the notice which the school sent to you.  The type of calculator is often specified in this notice, and if so, the calculator must be the correct type in order to use it during the exam.

Electronic devices:

Our laptops are set up to access online exams through Firefox browser only.  If your exam requires special software, we will require notice from your school (1 week in advance) stating that use of your own machine is permitted during the exam.

Calculators (if allowed) must be supplied by the student.  The type of calculator is often specified in a notice sent from your school.  If the type is specified, then the calculator must be the correct type in order to use it during the exam.

Cell phones and other electronic devices (including smart watches) must be powered completely off during the exam, and left with the exam supervisor if leaving the room (e.g., washroom break).  Cell phones and other electronic devices can never be used as calculators.

Problems with photo-ID

Copies of ID cannot be accepted:

  • Photocopied and "phone pic" versions of photo ID cannot be accepted. 
  • Only original (not copied), valid, government photo ID is acceptable.
  • If your school allows, then original, valid school photo ID can be accepted.

If you have an alternate name:

  • To sign in on test day, your first/last name on your photo ID must match the first/last name which your school provides to us on your test paperwork.  We will not be allowed to provide your exam if the names do not match. 
  • Please also provide this name to us when booking.  
  • If your ID name and your name registered at school do not match, please contact your school and ask them to contact us at with a written update about your names.  Thanks! ☺
  • Please see example below for a common (and "ironic") example:
    • Your school may know you by a name which differs from your photo-ID (Examples: You might be registered at your school under an alternate name such as a maiden name; or a preferred name such as an "English name", a shortened first name like "Liz" or "Jake", or a middle name which you use as a first name).
    • However, your school asks us to sign you into your test by only your legal name exactly as it is printed on your government photo-ID.
    • If you are registered under an alternate name at your school, a problem may occur. If your school provides ONLY your alternate name to us (not matching your photo-ID), your school ironically will not allow us to provide your test to you! (because of the ID not matching your "name" on the test paperwork).
    • If you have an alternate/preferred name at your school and are concerned that this may happen, please simply contact your school to request that they include your legal first/last name (your first/last name from your photo-ID) in all of their correspondence to us.