Course Credits
COMM 211 COMM 211 - Public Speaking

This course covers the principles and skills of effective public speaking. It fosters an appreciation of the nature and uses of public speech-making including: surveys of the communication processes, ethical obligations, audience analysis, and principles of informative and persuasive speech-making. Participants develop and deliver several short speeches.NB: Fulfils departmental public speaking competency requirement.Prerequisite(s): None. (3-0 or 3-0)

ENGL 101 ENGL 101 - Introduction to Writing

This course is designed to lead students through the writing tasks of the university classroom. The primary goal of the course is to develop in the student the desire, the confidence, and the ability to write coherent English prose in a variety of academic genres, including the research paper, and to employ textual analysis in order to develop awareness of logical patterns. In the context of these tasks, students expand critical thinking skills, acquire effective academic vocabulary, and focus on academic writing skills. This course is recommended for students who have come from international contexts. Prerequisite(s): WRTG 100 or 101 unless exempt at point of admission to the University. (3-0; 3-0)

ENGL 102 ENGL 102 - Introduction to Literature

This course examines literature from a multicultural perspective. In comparing and contrasting works of literature composed in a variety of countries, students will gain cultural literacy, appreciation of universal themes, and understanding of the rich relationship between literature and its historical and situational context. In studying this material, students will develop their critical thinking, research, and writing skills. This course is recommended for students who have come from international contexts. Prerequisite(s): WRTG 100 or 101 unless exempt at point of admission to the University (3-0 or 3-0)

FNDN 101 FNDN 101 - Intro to University

This course, available to new students each semester, is designed to help first year students transition to university by imparting some of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes requisite for success in university study. About half of the one-hour per week sessions are devoted to large group presentations, while the remainder consists of small group sessions led by third and fourth year students. Topics include orientation activities, goal setting, personal strength inventories, study skills development, choice of a major, stress management, academic planning, and the sustainment of spiritual vitality in a Christian context.NB: FNDN 101 is mandatory for all full-time (i.e., 12 sem. hrs. or more) students entering TWU with fewer than 27 sem. hrs. of credit.Prerequisite(s): None. (1-0 or 1-0)

HKIN 190 HKIN 190 - Concepts of Physical Fitness

An introduction to your physical self, physical activity, and exercise. Specific areas of health, wellness, physical fitness, skills, and body mechanisms. Laboratory sessions dealing with fitness assessment and personal application of scientific principles.Prerequisite(s): None. (2-1 or 2-1)

WRTG 101 WRTG 101 - Writing and Culture

A preparatory course in academic writing, focusing on academic conventions, scholarly vocabulary and tone, and the development of cohesive arguments across the disciplines. While the tasks and assignments emphasize writing skills, the course also facilitates the growth of critical thinking skills through the thematic study of North American and Christian culture. This course is designed for students who have come from international contexts.Prerequisite(s): None. (3-0; 3-0)


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