The Snow Queen

November 19 - 30


The Story That Inspired Frozen Comes to Life on Stage

In a fantastical world of good and evil, the devil has invented a mirror with the terrible power to corrupt everything noble and beautiful. It shatters and pierces the heart of Gerda's beloved friend, Kai, who goes missing. Filled with sorrow and courage, Gerda embarks on an epic quest to rescue her best friend. Her journey takes her through snow and ice, temptation and wonder, and finally to the mysterious palace of the Snow Queen. Will she be able to save Kai's frozen heart and bring him back? 

A fast-paced, creative adaptation of the famous fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Snow Queen features goblins, animals, robbers, and royalty in this seven-part tale of friendship, love, and redemption for all ages.

Can true friendship thaw a frozen heart?

Tuesday – Saturday 7:00 PM (note earlier start time) | Saturday matinees 2 PM
No show Tues, Nov 26 | School matinee Friday Nov 22, 11 AM. Email to book.
Running time: 90 minutes

Starring Amanda Haggett, Emmett Hanly, Golden Kang, Tasha Magnan, Alisha Pinto
Director Kerri Norris 
Set/Lighting Design Kris Dietrich
Assistant Lighting Design/Sound Design Cathy Shields
Stage Managers Cathy Shields, Emily Siemens, Chelsea Jones.