When a wealthy benefactress invites the creative team of several Broadway musicals to her home to hear the music and lyrics for their new play, anything that can go wrong does as masked figures with knives, dead bodies in closets, and Nazi spies threaten to steal the show!

Haunted by the deaths of three chorus girls in a previous musical production and trapped by a raging snowstorm, this condescending composer, loopy lyricist, debonair director, pompous producer, cheery chorus girl, quirky comedian, and irascible Irish tenor scramble to survive a shadowy presence intent on their demise. Bodies begin to pile up in this madcap comedy as secret passageways, disappearing bookcases, and weapons which spring from the walls threaten to bring the curtain down on their hopes for another hit show. Who is the killer? Why is the German maid so grumpy? Is everyone really who they say they are? How did that song go again? A determined cop is on the case, but can he unmask the real “stage door slasher?”

Surprises, thrills, subterfuge – we dare you to escape the fun!

Live streaming: March 24 – 27, 2021. 7:30pm Wed – Sat & 12pm Sat matinee.

Feature Card
Feature Card
Feature Card

Content advisory

A few instances of mild language, a character who drinks a lot, bad accents, and potentially frightening stabbing scenes.

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